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The Girlie Room

Updated on October 23, 2011

The Girlie Room

The other day I was watching this commercial describing what makes up a "Man Cave." That got me thinking, why can't women have a room to call their own as well? I decided that we should also designate a room in the house where we can get away and decompress from the stress and worries of the day. A room where we can let our hair down either by ourselves, or with our girlfriends. That room should be called The Girlie Room. This room should contain as nice comfy sofa, some scented candles along with a fresh arrangement flowers. There should also be a collection of women's magazines along with videos of what many men consider "chick flick" movies to watch with your bffs . You could have a "girl's night in" and celebrate, or just relax and enjoy the company of your friends without the interruptions that come with being a wife, mother and woman. Here you could have a cup of tea, or a nice piece of chocolate and savor the moments. Now where you designate this Girlie Room is up to you.  Since many men make the garage their Man Cave,  that may be off limits unless you find a way to share that area or divide a portion of it.  Its really up to you.   However you choose to designate a place refuge, make sure it is used for just that.  Give yourself time to relax and breath.  Sit back and let you senses take in the aroma of the room while you recharge and get really to begin another day.  As women so much is expected of us. Because we give so much, isn't it time we take the time to do something good for ourselves?  I say yes to the Girlie Room!  


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    • smithmary15 profile image

      smithmary15 24 months ago

      True that!!! LOL WE just didn't have a name for it."!!

    • nobleink profile image

      nobleink 6 years ago

      i thought we had every Other room lol