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The Glamour & Charm Of The Crystal Vase

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Crystal Vase Can Be The Ultimate Expression Of Your Good Taste

When it comes to the allure and opulence of fine glassware, crystal can be the ultimate expression of your own refined personal style and taste. Crystal knicknacks are nice in their own limited way, but a gorgeous full sized crystal vase adds elegance to any room and simply can't be compared. A crystal vase has a classy aesthetic appeal that stands well on its own, but is amazingly transformed and enhanced when the crystal vase is paired with a beautiful floral arrangement.

Endless Variety Of Crystal Vase

When it comes to crystal vases, the shape and size choices are endless, making it easy to find something that suits your taste and home décor. A crystal vase also makes a stupendous gift, but you should fill it with pretty flowers and lush greenery to enhance the vase's beauty. While it's nice to give someone their favorite flowers, not just any type of flower will suit a crystal vase. Choose something elegant that matches the sophistication of it.

The magnificent Waterford 30 cm Pineapple Vase: $600 and worth every penny!
The magnificent Waterford 30 cm Pineapple Vase: $600 and worth every penny!

The Crystal Vase Originates From The Great European Glass Works

If you seek the ultimate in a glass vase, then most connoisseurs will argue that there is no choice other than the Murano vase. This handblown work of art is to a regular flower vase, what the Mona Lisa is to a child's crayon scrawl. That is not to detract from the artistic and aesthetic appeal of crystal vase glass work as it is a magnificent expression of the crystal craftsman's art.

Almost all the great brands of fine crystal vase have their origin in Europe: the Waterford crystal vase, Wedgewood crystal vase, Lalique crystal vase, Mikasa crystal vase, Orrefors crystal vase and the Baccarat crystal vase are all identified with a particular area of the Old Continent. The tradition of the crystal glass vase, especially the lead crystal vase and the cut crystal vase, is centuries strong in Europe. Therefore, whenever you're seeking a crystal bowl vase or other form of crystal vase you would be well advised to seek out the great European brands.

A breath taking Baccarat crystal vase
A breath taking Baccarat crystal vase

A Crystal Vase Can Cost Upwards Of $15,000!

 There are also a myriad of alternative uses for a crystal vase. They are great for displaying decorative items. During the holiday season you can use a crystal vase as a holder of ornamental balls in green, red or gold. For an inviting fragrant home, fill your vase with potpourri. For social gatherings, use your crystal vase to hold napkins or candies. Avoid placing utensils in the vase as they can scratch the finish.

A fine crystal vase is not a cheap purchase. There are many mainstream crystal vases from the major European manufacturers which can cost well over $500 retail! If we get into designer and specialty hand crafted crystal vases, then the price can easily top $1,000! If those prices scare you, then you might want to stay away from antique auctions where collectors' rarities such as the magnificent and precious Sea Maidens crystal vase was made by the Russian artist Erte in collaboration with Baccarat can fetch upwards of $15,000! And there have been many rare crystal vases which have sold for many times even that stratospheric amount!

Engraving Artwork Onto A Lead Crystal Vase

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