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The Goddess in Nature

Updated on May 9, 2016

Choices in Planting

That lightning made the storms, trees the air, the land the home, and many the children damned all through learned scholars and hands that dug the planet into the hell it was made to be, that it is a living organism reflecting the gardeners hands and more than honeycombs is their shame. They deserve the Everlasting glory of endless life and one to another they are all growths.

Then the learned came to plant seeds of hatred and disharmony, that nature made tools to save itself through nature was nature, they harmed more than the tree of life here and they complain like children, they are all excused. Next they will be banning creation from creation like the whores that deny the wombs of life in their barren choices. Such fruit is of their choices, that they dare to buy children in a bidding war of life and colors is like the breeding of cats, dogs and cattle for life at a price. Whores used to towel off in the showers and make well livings, that they breed the humans and all creation was the truth as well.

Such is the chaos of the trees, they disgrace their steps on my heaven, my magical Magicmen n Sorted *Life. They themselves, I wrote no end nor any hell in the story, much better for the Forest Gods of old like the green man, such a gift was he in life, such as they will all forget, like sleeping genes to wake in seeds later, for another time and space. That they write like gardeners of life is the tool that nature bore to bare witness, that they are all the tinman and I am not their puppet and hurt for hurt sake was a coward to set me up to hurt him and her the most, that they know of that is their everlasting light. No harm, yet they shamed their own muses and music.

Such are the dead in the dead made real in genes retroscoping and telescoping through the hurt to feel suffering again, like the trees were parents and without them all would be without. I told the trees even their brothers and cousins sisters and kin would fall from ashes to feed their loneliness as ashes here from a fire feed them. Such hurt was made in the garden by their own projections of their knowledge that enlightenment had seen it's flaw in creating living idols to their needs, and desires.

They even deny the dying fresh air in the hospitals, fresh life to heal the wounds of life and the olden ways were to heal many as potential would allow. They are all harmed in this and they know the story has no ending, just words. Such an infancy in creation, nothing in the grand scheme of time, yet they are without merit in their littering and trying to anger the one that forgave them, they are such as they are and shamed my life for an ugly one in creation, that they call themselves Goddess is the shame of the Father, for they are bisexed beings and of the same matter as the energy that sent their memories to them, such that they cursed a blessed life to the written words, they are not of my heart and yet I wear their markings in genes and in the grass I wear as hair and the veins of the their needs.

The real rapture was a cry and their feet on the physical laws of nature, they shame even that now. One disgraced the Moon, and it was not even named that once before the reflection of the stillness was before creation. They damned the right had for digging and the left for doing a life in blessed being, such is the truth of the dead made real to walk in the living. They are at some evil work here and I disgrace them by forgiving them, the righteous, innocent and damned alike. Nature used to filter the land of diseases and they soiled it, took their own ways and made Hell of nature. Why? I offered no judged hands and kindness to them and Magic that they stole from my Fatherhood was thieves work. They shamed my life and I was nature spirit as a gift to women and men there, here they did the same, shamed my creation of no Hell or ending. They do not belong in this crop of life, let them sleep in their servitude to the planet.

The dead used to soil the planet as that was their keep in karma, man ruined it with making spirit hell for it and taking nature's job, yet nature knew that left they would always create a Hell for some they judged unfit to wear nature's gift. They are unworthy of this gift, this vacation and I must stay with the heart I know and the others must go. They will not even speak much to me here as in my physical life the same, they used i t to shame the gardener of life and creation to steal my children and hurt more than all.

You know we are as bipeds and quadrapeds all the image of the lightning, and trees. They cursed that even in the Universe, remove those responsible for the curse, it may be all of creation and the one that harmed the most. Open your dead eyes and take account you were not Gods before man, you were idealized selves, just paper fantasy. I was the whore of my Gods and The Accursed One, the tao of my life like I had said, my own path. You judged my life and failed to reflect on your place of reflected origin, we had all received the same light in the Stars and Sun, even reflected planets in the solar system. Unseen by the human and animal eyes at times, trees like gentle creatures of birth saw it in any light once they were altered to the name of light. They even created death on the planet, immature nature and small minded after thoughts.

They wrote music they never sang and sung songs written in another heart speech, they made movies that were of hell and then turned their eyes on the pain in the real, they planted palms in towns that smog infected the children of tomorrow, they potentially stole the rights to being and lived the life that I gave freely, and to be honest they killed the meaning of slavery by staying in it when they hated it. Good for them, they would steal anything that wasn't nailed down. They created enemies in their own fields of beliefs to torture themselves with made up enemies. Why the trees gave them knowledge is beyond my heart, even sheet music to filthy to air. You know they sing words that their being never lived. Such is their vanity and ugliness.

They shamed the Fertility Goddesses of olden days and then bought and sold children because they were to afraid to go to the vagina that they came from, not I I could love either house with respect. They are damned in my heart now, out of reach. They are out of the scope of reason, all would have to transcend their genes in their thoughts then and feel the weight of the afterlife come crashing down on them and I was made for it, for they do not remember all the past lives and I was seen in the places, they are not even worth the efforts. They sold their pain in song for money like cheap whores and called a whore a whore for free, mine own life was to give nature to nature and they prostituted their pain and others lives on the medias that they profited from like whores chasing cash instead of children.

Shame in their filth, whores were once the only Goddess in the birth order, and they shamed the origin of the Goddess, many men and unknown fathers in the feast that was the beginning. I am not the enemy, they here that damned my arrival are to choices and they made choices to damn me, they themselves are the choices damned then for we live in choice not freedom. The had choices to virgin their cast lives and title themselves the High Priestess in the meaning of four pillars of her weight. Such is the weight that the Moon, All, Sun Stars wear my seal, the Universal wheel of bee life and truth to my worlds, you will never touch my heart again.

They stood in anonymous circles and lied to the friends that loneliness bred in the lies like sobriety of spirit was their longing and desire in their lust to be sober and deny the dry drunk his cup. Not many stood and said "I sold my ass and drunk chicks for crack cocaine." They would neither say "I pimped out drunks and fucked drunk chicks vomiting in college parties." They are the life they desire now, the shame that they brought my heart and all the hurt that is not for sale, for the trees will them sleep in the soiled bed that the mud once made whole in the filters of minerals and creation to karma out the spoils of life to the parts it needed to be in. My children shame themselves, and they are not here. Hurt children always hurt themselves and find those that they can hurt with their help, such ugliness that I will stay out of their fights. Let my life die as the olden ones in creation so I may not see this ugliness they act out. They are not worth my thoughts, only the trees are, that this is from nature is a tree as well.

Keep your ugliness I have what I needed and had all my life, forgiveness for hatred and accepting of the life that was tortured by all that lived in it with my heart. They need to let go of their attachments as I did to all that mattered to my life. I gave the judges the right to and one said "I cannot help you, you have a good lawyer." Damned them for they are not the footsteps nor the wings that sheltered my life, I them and then who know shelters the damned, save for me and that is all creation for doing the light of God's own work in creation and allowing creation to chaos in all creation is chaos of the creating nature. That I would speech a double speak to spread the filth of their thieves, and know that none would shelter my heart for they stole it and killed their own in the process of their projected filth they learned themselves as I had in my filth of educations. That I refuse to read their and they hear mine, their infection of consciousness and being. I live in them all through thoughts and heirs. That would drive many to their own creators.

I always forgave and need not a word from them for they are truly afraid of their truths. They shamed Fatima and the nature spirits that millions left as imprints on the nature and surround sounds of the forest alive in the belief many left their in prayer, not the dead sea of the coventry tree. They shamed magic and the music is boring now for the soul is gone to innocent and they are the damned too for they are the animals in nature carrying the weight of the hatred curse that some made in the four hell layers. And they had that wrong too.

You sicken my Heart and you all deserve the life you live, spring will lay down flowers for the gift so she may see beauty in her walking life and i will carry her ugliness with me as well in aspects of duality and bisexed beings, that they are shadows of their gross nature is the missing part of Grace. That she, not a friend is betrayed in all nature as well is the blood lust of an empty womb never to be filled. Such that the tree is barren with no fruit in the line of the forest, were only some fall and many in other species. So in harm of it, that I am not even in right here either, for I would not be.


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