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The Hazards of an Old Carpet

Updated on March 12, 2012

Many people would take for granted the condition of their old carpets at home. They are unaware of the potential health and safety risks that are brought about by old, dilapidated carpets. You must know the risks involved by leaving them unclean, smelly and worn. Some people would think that an old carpet does not need special attention, although there are others who are concerned about this. You better start taking a look at your carpet right now and check if it needs a thorough cleaning or it has to be replaced. Do not take this matter lightly especially if there are kids or old people living in your home.

A clean and odor-free carpet does not mean that it has to be brand new or newly installed. Besides, a new carpet does not guarantee you that it is free from pathogens. If you can do regular cleaning for your carpet at home, good for you. But if you are one of those who live a very busy lifestyle and who is always on-the-go, you might not be able to properly maintain your carpet yourself. So, who do you call? The professional carpet cleaners, of course. These experts are the ones who can take care of your carpet cleaning needs. They have the capabilities, technology and the means to deep-clean your carpet, to restore it, make it odorless and fresh-looking. These guys can remove all of the dirt, foul odor and stains in a jiffy. Your carpet is a potential breeding ground for pathogens and allergens. You, your family members and even your pets can bring these harmful organisms into your home when they step on your carpet. This can cause allergies such as sneezing or stuffy nose. Old carpets can also harbor bacteria, mites and viruses to spread into your home, causing illness. You should not compromise your health and the health of your loved ones, especially your children.

There are also toxic risks that can be caused by having an old carpet. A lot of carpets especially the old types contain VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds. Some types of carpets are made with harmful chemicals. If you and your family members are constantly inhaling these toxic substances, these may cause respiratory problems, thyroid problems, nerve damage, dizziness, hallucinations, and a lot of other unhealthy conditions.

If your carpet or rug has become torn, dilapidated or frayed along certain spots, then it could be a potential safety hazard. You or any family member could trip, slip or fall, resulting in broken bones or major injuries.

While other people change their carpets for aesthetic reasons alone, you should know that health and safety reasons should be above appearances. You are now aware of the many hazards of having an old and smelly carpet. Take matters into your hands and do something about it before any untoward incident happens. Do not take an old carpet for granted and do not take any chances with your health.


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