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The Hemlock Tree

Updated on February 24, 2017

As I glance about my surroundings I can't help but notice what beautiful neighbours I have. To the West of me the mighty Oak tree , what a sight he is. Passers by can't help but to stop look and sigh, he stands glorious and tall. In the summer the shade from his leaves are something to behold. Many people with scattered rugs gather about sitting underneath him having a wonderful picnic. The laughter of children can be heard throughout his leaves into the breeze. Oh the wonderful happy sounds that one hears from his direction is brilliant The rat a tat tapping of the woodpeckers running up and down the tree making holes living in the trees. The acorns are very much in demand. The amount of people that want to take them home to plant their very own Oak tree is enormous. I hope they realize an Oak tree takes a long time to grow. Why, up to 18 months for a simple twig and many many more years before it becomes the mighty oak. Oh, the acorn, on the most wanted list, not just for planting, no. acorns are in much of a demand by Squirrels. They love to climb the mountain guru oak and eat them. What they can't eat they take and bury for the winter. The laughter and happiness throughout the Oak is what makes each day a beautiful happy day for me.
Oh and my neighbour to the East. She is a sight to see as well. When summer comes she is in her glory. A head full or bright red hair. That is what the berries on her branches look like as they sway in the summers breeze. Oh the Mountain Ash is such a sight. Attracting Waxwing Birds, there are times I look over and cannot see the red for the birds. The Waxwing flood the Mountain Ash with beautiful song. It is music to the ears. Oh such singing from these birds daily in the summer time is enough to give an old lady much happiness. Yes indeed Mountain Ash loves keeping the birds nourished. Her branches quietly dance when they come to visit her. She feels blessed to be an active tree with plenty of visitors.
Now my neighbour to the North. Oh the North. That is so different, it is the cold winds that come down from the North. I thank the Lilac tree as she keeps the brunt of the winds from attacking me. She loves the North. Spring time is my favourite time to be beside her as the air is alive with her scent. Yes her blossoms sometimes fly through the air, the scent of her bouquet floats through and filters down to me. I inhale it with happiness. Another reason to look forward to Spring when Lilac is blooming birds are singing in her branches. Yes she gets lots of visitors that come. Some even pick the lilac blossoms from her branches. I heard them saying they take them home and put them in water. The scent is certainly worth having in the house. It is simply gorgeous when birds come, sit on her branches and start singing, sigh. Yes my neighbours sure get lots of birds and visitors coming to see them. Yes indeed I am so honoured to be here with them in this beautiful

Alas, today isn't last day here. I am trying to take it all in. Enjoy the scents and watch with happiness the birds and the dancing of the leaves. I wonder if they know I am being moved out of this park. It seems that new councillors are not in favour of a lowly Hemlock being in the South side of the park. They have come to inspect me, they actually called me a Swamp Tree. How insulting is that? I wanted to scream at them, I am not a swamp tree!! I do not care what you have read or think. A Hemlock Tree is an old rare tree, not at all common like some other trees you can buy. It is not often you will find a Hemlock tree for sale. I know as my ancestors are few. We have been reduced. People do not understand how a Hemlock grows what our leave system is.
I wish I could educate them. My leaves do not drop off, they are unusual and stay on but turn brown in the winter time. OK i am not green I may look dead but I am still alive. In the Spring I have beautiful purple flowers that turn into acorns. These acorns are well loved by the birds and the squirrels. I am strong, well, maybe a bit lanky looking, but still strong. No I am not a fast grower but I do grow tall. Birds love to sit on my sturdy limbs and sing.
Yes for a lonely old lady, it is music to my ears. When they move me from here, I will die a little inside, maybe a lot, I am not sure. It makes me sad to think I have to give up my home, my paradise, for where they want to put me. Indeed in a rotten run down garbage yard. I still cannot get my head around that, a garbage yard. I am so insulted, how would they like to live in a garbage yard? Oh dear here comes the councillors to mark me with what side I am facing so they can put me facing the same way. I am afraid, this is no way to go, but what can an old lady do, she has no help and nobody campaigning for a lowly Hemlock tree


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    • profile image

      Wendy Myshyniuk 5 12 months ago

      Fantastic. Makes one look at trees In a different light. Please keep writing