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The Hottest Interior Design Trend: Layering Rugs

Updated on July 5, 2019

Layering Rugs: How to Achieve the Hottest Decor Trend

So you’ve walked in and out your living room ten times over this week and something is just always missing. Or that plain old hallway you’ve optimistically rearranged at least a dozen times this past year just never seems to be quite finished. Hundreds of dollars and countless empty bottles of wine later, you find yourself knee-deep in flee market vases, surrounded by those little artificial succulents Pinterest made you buy. Suddenly, all that faith you had in achieving that Better Homes and Gardens look seems like nothing more than a distant unattainable dream. But don’t throw all your hopes out the pastel-painted window frame just yet. We’ve got two words that will change your decor game forever-Layering rugs.

Layering rugs is an exciting interior decorating trend that offers contrast, texture, and style to any room in your home. Long gone are the days of bare floors and desolate walkways. Now is the time for layering over the carpet, outdoor rugs, and cozy rug filled living rooms. Playfully add personality by researching how to layer rugs through doubling or even tripling up different textiles, fabrics, and patterns. Continue reading now to learn all about how to layer rugs and incorporate this genius trend in your home today.

Layering Patterns for Balance

Often, having a complex wallpaper design or a bold paint pattern plastered on your walls can make decorating efficiently no easy feat. Before you know it your bedrooms gone from stylishly eclectic to rainbow circus hoarder in one fatal swoop. Bypass this decorating misstep by investing in some cool layering rugs with different patterns to balance out the room. The trick with this method is to stick to a limited color palette. Choose two or three tones that compliment each other, slightly overlapping each rug so their patterns are displayed equally. The varying designs of each rug will pull the eye away from focusing on just one element of the room, giving the space a more cohesive vibe all around.

Layered Neutrality

Perhaps you lean more on the neutral tone side of the color palette when it comes to styling your home. Shades of white, creme, brown, and beige are your comfort zone. In your case, adding a few brightly colored layering rugs with a bold pattern may seem daunting and completely out of character. But never fear, you too can make use of the layering rug trend. Pick out a few neutral tone rugs that fit into your color wheel and compliment your living room, bedroom, or walkway and finish your layering method with a simple patterned rug atop the rest. For example, a hide or animal print rug offers a hint of pattern and flare, without offsetting your natural style. Layering over carpet comes in handy in this method, as it allows you to blend your neutral tones more seamlessly for a more polished and refined look.

Fill A Space

You may be asking yourself if there's a way how to layer rugs that fills that never-ending space you’ve been avoiding for months. And luckily, there is. Areas like elongated hallways or large foyers are often uncarpeted and can seem bare compared to the rest of the home. By layering rugs down the entire length of a hallway, each with a different style and pattern, you can add a sense of elegance and comfort to an otherwise dull area. You can choose to have each rug line up perfectly or place them each at a slightly jagged angle to add flair and dimension.

Cozy Comfort

An undeniably attractive factor of layering rugs resides in its ability to create a sense of overwhelming comfort. For this method, there are several ways you can achieve that extra bit of coziness. Consider a full floor layered rug. Not unlike a carpet, a full floor layered rug offers a complete blanket of warmth and style to any room. However, where a carpet often presents a single bland look, a full floor layered rug can supply a unique and inviting pattern to set the foundation of your space. In like manner, you could consider patchwork layering rugs. To achieve this look, simply choose a few different rugs of your liking and sew them together as if to make one large rug. This tactic offers a unified look with a sense of fashion-forward flair.

Outdoor Rugs

The final approach to layering rugs takes up residence outside of your home. Yes, you read correctly, you can also layer rugs outside for an added dose of pizzazz. Consider a layered rug style over the traditional doormat, which offers a rare stylish greeting to new and returning visitors alike. Mix and match a combination of earthy and bold tones, and fringe or rustic textures to achieve a fun eye-catching display. You could also incorporate a few of the other methods mentioned above for larger outdoor areas such as; wide front porches or backyard patios. The added pairings of trendy outdoor rugs will be sure to make your informal gathering areas more approachable.

Ultimately when deciding which method of layering rugs is right for you, just know that there is no wrong way to go about it. The entire point of layering rugs revolves around the idea of being different, standing out, and providing a sense of contrast from the norm. How to layer rugs the “right” way is simply layering rugs your way. Implementing your style is what makes layering rugs so fun and inviting. Sure, it'd be easy to go with what someone else has done in the past, but experimenting with unusual patterns, vivid colors, differing textures, and varying lengths is what truly brings layering rugs to life. In what ways do your rugs comment on who you are as a person? Do they offer insight or provide a story about the things you love or find interesting? Which method or methods of layering rugs will you be implementing in your home? Happy layering!


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