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Custom Options for Your Kitchen Sink

Updated on November 25, 2017

When working on a kitchen remodel, one of the most customizable fixtures is the sink. There are several options available to cater it to the needs of the home and its residents. From the most avid cooks looking to use their sink everyday to the busy parent who wants something easy to clean, or a combination of the two, most every option is available depending on space and budget. If you're considering an upgrade or working on a remodel, here are a few options available to you.

Design Options

  • Single vs Double Sinks: Sinks can be designed with a single, large basin or multiple. Single sinks can fit into kitchens more easily and allow an open area to work on cleaning or prepping large items. Double sinks, which can be broken up into any ratio but are commonly close to 50/50, allow for completing multiple tasks at once. For example, while washing items by hand, they can be left to soak in one basin while being rinsed off in another. Regarding price, a 33" single sink installed is about $110 less than a double sink of the same size, per Fixr.
  • Sink Material: The most common option for sink material is stainless steel, as it is very durable and easy to clean. And though it can be scratched, they can be easily buffed out. Porcelain is a traditional material that appeals to a vintage style, but they can chip and suffer from scuffs and marks that are difficult to remove. Granite composite is another option that not only resists scratches and chips, but also does not show water marks. Lighter options, however, can stain, and in general it requires special maintenance. Natural stone is also available which can exactly match countertop material for a consistent appearance. Yet, much like porcelain, it is susceptible to chips and scratches while also being very costly.
  • Top vs Under Mount: Sinks are typically installed into the counter one of two ways. Top mounts, also called drop-in sinks, are set in and generally don't require a support system beyond what the lip provides. The only drawback is that dirt and scum can accumulate between the lip of the sink and the counter. Undermount sinks provide a more sleek appearance, but usually require a support system and more involved installation.

  • Farmhouse Sinks: Also known as apron front sinks, this particular style is commonly seen with traditional or country-style designs. However, there is a push to incorporate these into more modern designs by favoring stainless steel and composite over porcelain. These are often more expensive not just in their individual cost but also their custom installation.

Features & Accessories

  • Built-In Drainboard: A drain board is just what it sounds like. A flat surface with sloping grooves allows a place for hand-washed dishes or rinsed produce to dry. This makes it especially handy for chefs at home but the sacrifice to counter space may not be worth the loss of counter space if it will not be used regularly. Though prices can vary widely, the addition can cost as little as $50, but it may also increase the cost of installation.
  • Sliding Accessories: If a built in option seems too permanent, there are drain boards, cutting boards, colanders and several other tools that are designed to set into an inner lip of the sink. These can be moved up and down the sink area or be removed entirely for open access to the sink and easy cleaning. Each individual piece will be an additional cost, however, and most of these accessories will have to be purchased through the sink manufacturer to avoid heavy custom creation cost.

  • Touchless Faucets: For the messy crafter or the large family parent, this might be a must have. Touchless faucets are just as they sound. They use built in sensors, generally motion activated, or foot pedals, to keep users from having to reach for the handle with dirty hands. This is especially helpful when handling foods like eggs and chicken to minimize the spread of harmful germs. The cost can vary with style and brand, but general start in the low $200's.


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