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The Interpretations of Blooms: What the Lily Means

Updated on May 4, 2013

Lily flower

Lily flower image
Lily flower image

Flower to gift: Lily

When it comes to blooms one of the things which makes them really a unique kind of gift is that all type of blossom happens to have at least one sort of meaning. A lot of types of blooms, specifically the ones that have a past within a great amount of nations will generally have many meanings. This happens to be the case for the lily since it is a blossom which happens to have a dominant background in a great number of varying regions over the planet. In fact, lilies are thought of as one of a holy trinity of flowers that are most significant within a large number of cultures, with the different 2 being the lotus and also the rose. Due to this dominant background, there is a lot to learn at any flower shop in Moscow for what the Lily means when it's presented to an individual for a symbol of love or other display.

To venture back to the roots of this interesting blossom, it's important to know that the past as it is thought of within the Western part of the world is noted to have begun, for recorded historical records, in the area of Mesopotamia. It is here which there was a goddess that went by Lilith. This was a strong female goddess that symbolized a number of things and her symbol was the lily, of course, as her name is suggestive of. To some she was a demon of the wind and storm, also as a symbol of hardship and death. While this isn't what the lily generally is meant for today it's noted that this is why it could be sent to a funeral to recognize the death of someone. A person could know that in the ancient mind the idea of death, while bad, was viewed as a cleansing force in the world and to keep balance. Lilith is too said to have been the wife of the first male Adam like it is told in the Christian scripture called the Bible.

When things progressed from this area and out into parts of Europe, the Lily became perceived as a flower of purity which then was tied in with teenage girls and is a National Flower of France. It happens to have a sensuous factor that was attributed to it by Greek culture and this ventured to many areas of the world. The shape of lilies are also a symbol to folks of certain body parts that happen to be associated with reproduction. Due to this, the connection with sensual things is pretty prevalent. In China, along similar sorts of thinking, lilies were seen as a good fortune flower. In to the French, the bloom happened to be one of high standing and a elite kind of flower.

The lily happens to be one of the most prevalent flowers in the planet today. It doesn't only make an amazing gift, it's full of magical interpretations you might find out about today.


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