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The Kindle: A Review

Updated on August 9, 2011
The kindle is a best selling Amazon product, as well as the best rated
The kindle is a best selling Amazon product, as well as the best rated

Why Buy a Kindle?

Up to 3,500 books at your fingertips. If you're a reader, this is the most convenient reading device you can own. My brother introduced me to electronic books a few years ago. We were taking a road trip to a baseball game, and the radio had nothing on. So he popped open his kindle, I began reading. I haven't read a book since high school, and barely skimmed through chapters just to get by in college, so reading wasn't really my thing. But I fiddled with it and picked a book to read just for kicks in giggles. For the record, the book that I read was "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" by Tucker Max.

Anyways, I was instantly amazed by the readability, so I hopped on and ordered a kindle for myself so I could finish the book and haven't looked back since.


There's no eye strain. The words are perfectly clear and not "pixelated" at all. There's no glare, even in direct sunlight. Whether you are outside by the pool, at the beach, or sitting in your living room, you can read it all. It's nothing less than perfect.

Battery Life and Storage

I've never had issues with the battery life. It's so great that I don't even realize it uses a battery, I just carry it around like a book. According to Amazon, the reason is that the electronic ink that it uses requires no power at all. It can last up to a month on a single charge. If you take it with you on a vacation (as I have) and forgotten your charger (as I have) I had more than enough battery to get by. It also never gets warm, since it doesn't use power.

The storage contains enough space for 3,500 books. That pretty much means you'll never have to buy another one again.


At 8.5 ounces, it's lighter than a book. I hold it with one hand and eat or take notes, whatever I need to do, so multitasking is simple. It's also only 1/3 of an inch thick, so it's not very bulky either. Since it's so light, it's easy to sit down and read for hours. My brother's e-book was a bit heavier, so I had to lay it down on my lap every once in awhile since my wrists would get sore. The Amazon kindle was the opposite.

There's also no computer required. One of the gripes I have about most electronic devices (mp3 players for example) is the need to hook it up to a computer to use it. The Amazon Kindle uses wifi, so you can literally pull books out of thin air pretty much wherever you are. It uses AT&T wifi, which you aren't charged for.

Books typically download within 60 seconds. I've had some take a couple seconds longer, but most of the time it doesn't take that long.

Other tidbits

There are many more features of the Kindle, I'll only name a few, but for the jist of it, you can head over to The Amazon Kindle review page to read the entire review.

Real page numbers are located at the bottom of the screen in comparison to reading the books. This makes transitioning from a book you've gotten from a library to your kindle extremely easy.

You can organize your books into categories (or collections) so you can access books from your favorite author easily.

You can adjust text for those of you with bad eyesight, change the font, rotate the screen, zoom in to photos (yes it has photos), and read the newspaper as well. The screen flips pages quickly, which is another problem I had with my brothers electronic book.

Lastly, you can have a little computer guy read the book to you, which can be hilarious depending on the book you're reading, but it's actually very useful when I'm on the road and don't feel like listening to the radio. It's loud enough to hear so long as your car doesn't sound like a jet.

If you'd like more information, as I said before, head over to the Amazon review page. It's their highest rated item by their customers. I'm extremely happy with mine, but if you'd like a different perspective, that's the place to go.


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