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The Latest Bathroom Trends for 2016

Updated on April 15, 2016

Your new house deserves a beautiful bathroom. If you are planing to build a new home and want to plan a more stylish and functional bathing space, these latest bathroom trends for 2016 that will help.

Bathroom Design Trend 2016
Bathroom Design Trend 2016 | Source

Functionality - Spatial planning

Space optimization will be a key focus for bathroom designers. Say goodbye to clutter and overdone design and favour a clean, practical and streamlined look for your modern house designs. Adequate storage will help you hide your lotions and potions... Tuck away the items that are not functional.

Timber and Natural Materials

Wood can be creatively used in the bathroom. It gives a touch of nature and make it more warm and inviting. For instance, a timber vanity bench, timber wall panels, or a timber-framed mirror. You can even go for a timber-look floor which are quite popular in contemporary home design. Properly sealed and finished timber floors will stand up to the wet conditions in the bath area. Expect to see earthy materials like natural stone and river rock in addition to wood. They shall not merely cover your floor and walls, but also on your vanity tops, sinks and baths and feature walls.

Creative Tile Patterns

 Awesome Bathroom Tiles
Awesome Bathroom Tiles | Source

Patterned and geometric tiles may have been hugely popular. However, plain, basic tiles will return to the spotlight. Simple, timeless tiles will be laid in unusual patterns in order to create enduring appeal. For instance, a classic herringbone design will lend a dose of visual drama and chic appeal. Basketweave and windmill patterns are other designs that you might want to consider.

Lighting Fixtures / Mood Lighting

Mood lighting in the bathroom are now a trend. Bathroom designers now strive to make your bathroom as a spa rather than a utilitarian room. Most modern architects therefore involve the use of innovative lighting solutions for giving the bathroom the oomph and illuminated look. Pendant lights or a chandelier can be simply awesome choice and a popular fashion of the decade. So, forget those older light arrangements and choose something more stylish to perfectly design the bath area. You will surely appreciate the difference.

Bathroom Gardens

Adding an outdoor screen will help keep privacy while allowing the view of the outdoor space. This will allow natural light in the bathroom as well as offer a greater sense of spaciousness in a small bath.

Free-Standing Baths and Vessel Sinks

Free-standing baths and vessel sinks have been a growing trend. Select one among them or go for installing both -they complement each other very well.

Metallic Touches

Beautiful Bathroom Faucets
Beautiful Bathroom Faucets | Source

For decades, most bathrooms had chrome plated facets and other fittings. Modern fittings now come in bronze, brass and other metallic colours. Metals with matte or satin finishes will be especially popular. Although chrome is a popular choice, a few metallic touches can surely bring out a stylish difference.

Shower Combinations

Double showers will grow in popularity. It consists of an oversized rain shower head and separate handset. Having a larger shower enclosure and a combination of shower fixtures allows you to fine-tune your shower to your needs. Shower combinations not only offer a more luxurious, invigorating and customizable shower, but it also delivers a chic, seamless look to your design.

The Bottom Line

Planning your bathroom can be quite tricky. It’s important to do your homework before you start. Create a budget and search for the right architect is crucial. Hiring one will ensure that you have a clear vision of how you want your home interior space to look, work and feel.


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