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The Lies of the Truth in the life of seen yet not noticed

Updated on May 31, 2016

Tree lines burning the consumption of life in the layers of the zone

Well, that before the field was sown with life the trees landed in the sphere of life to set the stage, then it was done. Nature took over and was not seen with eyes until some saw from light spaces, some from made orbits in eyes of fire rage and watery tears to mirror the landscape of life and reflecting pools in the Universe.

You be kind to keep my sewing project, that you are your project of life and that made flesh from spirit is the sadness that man wrote into chaos and neglected the forgotten forest God, that they are so gentle to give birth to man was their silence. Now broken they would not want any more than their food they create for your little reflections to use. You had not even seen the forest alive in the life, you had created Gods and monsters to hell the land and spirit in Everlasting Life, that I echoed that curse is the meaning of truth in the lies, Nature will suffer for 500 hundred years for a curse and arrogance for doing the nature role in man and beast, yet that was a gift that went where it did.

Children, never mine in nature know that you had had a weight placed upon your backs, that it was always there was sad to see in truth, yet you carried man and man then taught what man knew of nature.

Plant well and remember in cellular memory, never mind. You never listen and by hte time you read this, you will have already created hell for spirit. Such a walk with weight wings, nature in orbs, that birds suffer the weight as well.

That nature was the sea of souls and was the filter that divided the spoils of life to life in the nature of it's organism. Such Hells were created, such that Angels were forbidden access to birth for fear of destroying God's creation. Such nerve to speak of nature in such a naive manner, such that baby steps are needed in the walk of chaos in creation. There are older worlds before the 2000 year march that was lost to the filter of the ground and lifted like rain into the clouds to pour down sunlight showers of water and hydrogen on all of you, that lakes were tears once is another spirit loss.


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