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The Little Yellow Bird Down The Street. Part 50. The President Needs Her Husband,

Updated on August 30, 2011
Stealth Fighter Pilots.
Stealth Fighter Pilots.

Friday, April 29, 2011

For convenience sake , Pete will be the name of the little yellow bird's husband. His real name is classified. Lucy will be Mr.s yellow bird. Her name is also classified as top secret information.

A secret service supervisor for the President of the United States rang the door bell of the Louisiana mansion somewhere in the out lands of Cajun country.

The mansion is guarded by the United States Marines 24 hours of the day. Pete, Mr. Yellow Bird was in the master bedroom upstairs in the mansion sleeping. Lucy responded to the door bell. There was a nice well dressed man in a suit that asked if he could speak to Mr. Yellow Bird, or Pete.

Lucy invited the agent into her home. She asked him if he would like a cup of dark roast coffee with her. The agent politely accepted the invitation while she was preparing pancake mix.

He asked if he could speak to Pete. Lucy told the agent that she would have him come downstairs.

Lucy quietly went upstairs to the master bedroom , and then sat on a corner of the bed where her husband was sleeping very sound.

With a gentle hand she touched his arm, and in a split second a nerve spasm shot right through Pete's body. In his unconscious mind, in a split second, his entire nervous system was in a defensive mode until he awakened to realize it was only his wife Lucy that kindly wanted to speak to him.

Pete had been shot down in his stealth fighter jet. He lost his leg when his fighter was shot down, and now when he sleeps everything in his body is in a defensive mode until three seconds goes by , and he becomes conscious again . Mr.s Yellow Bird was aware of his delicate nature. Her husband had at times experienced minor flash backs of bad situations during classified missions in the process of dealing with enemies of America.

Lucy touched his hand, and told him that a man from the White House wanted to talk to him . He knew what it would be about more or less. He told Lucy to offer the man some breakfast while he shaved , and got dressed. Pete said he would be down stairs as soon as he could.

Following courteous greeting with the agent, the agent had information to pass on to Pete.

" Pete, " said the agent, " the President of the United States , and America needs you. Two German scientists , and six Harvard, and Yale professors have created another leg for you to replace the artificial one. A new leg has been created , and is living, and has life in it. Microbiologists, neurologists, chemists, and experts that can work with micro surgical organisms have found a way to bring life into limbs, and a perfect leg has been designed so that it can be surgically connected to your body. The leg is in storage, and can be transplanted on to you at any time. "

The agent also said, " The Navy admirals need you to be a flight commander for a team of stealth fighter pilots. You are considered to be the finest flying ace in the world because of your successful missions. The new leg will work exactly as well as your original biological leg worked with only one exception, it will work even better. Are you interested in becoming a flying ace again ? Would you be interested in serving your country again ? "

Mr. Yellow Bird had this to say, " If all of my family wants me to fly jets again I will do it, otherwise I am not interested, so lets find out right here, and now."

So grandpa had this to say. " Son-in-law, if you want to fly jets go right ahead. Just don't get your other leg shot off."

Lucy, the little yellow bird said, " If my husband wants to do it, then that is alright by me, but I do not want him coming home in a pine box."

Grandma said, " My son -in-law can do as he pleases, but tell the President to give him more protection in the skies."

Little Daisy said, " No way ! No No No No No ! Daddy is taking us to Disney World, and I do not want him getting shot dead anymore in the sky."

Tulip said, " Nope ! Daddy got to stay home for a change. I don't want him killed."


Hercules , their little dog was asked if he wanted him to go. Bark once for yes, and twice for no.

Hercules barked twice for NO.

With all this information at hand, Pete made his decision. Mr. Yellow Bird said, " My family wants me to hang around for a while. Come back in a year , and ask me again."

The agent said, " What about the President of The United States, and America ? "

Mr. Yellow Bird said, " I am taking a year to think about it. And my artificial leg works fine right now. Sometimes I like to use it to play baseball when someone cracks a good bat."

Mr. Yellow Bird also said, " There are a lot of fine yellow birds out there just itching to be commanders. Give someone else and opportunity to lead the packs for a while. I am going to Disney Land with my kids, and family. Have a great day."

Everyone at home hugged and kissed Mr. Yellow Bird. Daisy, Tulip, And Rosy ran upstairs to pack their clothes, and toothbrushes, and also the Red Cross nurse.

God Bless Everyone.


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    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Phoenix : Thank you very much for the encouragement. And God Bless You Dear Heart.

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 6 years ago from On the edge

      What a wonderful short story. You are really developing as a writer. God Bless you all, stars!