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The Little Yellow Bird. Part 3

Updated on July 24, 2015

Created Saturday, January 1, 2011

I love to soar . Being a small bird I have to look out for hawks , or eagles. My mother described predators, and what they can do to their prey. I will soar carefully as she advised .

My engagement ring is lovely . Mom loves it. Dad smiled, and was happy for me. Dad never hangs around to listen to girl talk so he flies away to go bait hunting to fish.

Dad brings home large fat worms. I like to eat by my parents house because dad is a fine fisherman, and knows how to fish wisely .

There is smoke in the air. It probably comes from fireworks from past midnight. I wonder what the new year will bring. I hope to have a beautiful wedding dress.

I flew by the house trailer again. A family is there , and they seem to be happy . My boy friend wants to fly jets to protect America. He is honest, intelligent, and wants to learn about Stealth Bombers in the Navy.

The writer who lives in the trailer rubbed some kind of medicine , for pain on his arm. He likes music, and drawing too. He has hundreds of drawings.

I see a lot going on in their home as I look threw their windows from oak trees. My parents do not approve of my inquisitiveness.

The lady in the house has a thing about curtains, and windows. She likes to keep them shut . The man in the house enjoys seeing the outdoors. Usually he will raise the blinds if his wife is not around. He respects her wishes, and privacy, but he does not go to extremes by keeping everything closed up .

I can not believe I am engaged . My boy friend had to work. He flew to gather mall. He flies , for postal services ,and buys snacks during his breaks . He brought us some fresh shrimp yesterday evening. They were delicious. He cares about my mom, and dad , and I am proud of him . I have to be careful with my boyfriend because his hands like to travel. He could get out of hand if he starts loving up on me too much. I am irresistible . My mother is always watching out for me. I look forward to a neat wedding. I would like a lovely oak tree in my future back yard.

The little disabled girl in the house trailer is very sweet. She sleeps with one arm around her mother. She is lovely , and has won beauty contests . She has awards on her dresser .

Her father gets up from his bed a lot . He stays busy around the house . He looked right at me , and smiles . I think he is aware that I like to visit.

Today is the first day of January. It has been raining a lot. My mom, and dad want me to stay with them because of the bad weather . My boy friend will probably bring something good to eat . He, and my dad get along well. My father talks to him about ways to fish, for the most succulent cat fish, and trout .

Maybe one evening my boyfriend, and I will fly to the city park. I could whip up some potato salad, and fry some chicken, and fish, and my mom, and dad could come along too .


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