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The Little Yellow Bird. Part 49. Daddy Is In Rehab. The Triplets Help Out.

Updated on September 7, 2013

The Little Yellow Bird. Part 49. Daddy Is At Rehab.The Triplets Help Out

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The little yellow bird pushes her husband in his wheel chair into the rehab building. Daisy, Rosy, Tulip carry their daddy's Titanium leg behind their mother in their red wagon.

Grandma , and Grandpa watch their daughter, and son-in-law work together by the exercise walking bars.

It is a long drawn out procedure for the commander to learn how to use his new leg. He holds on to the shoulder of his wife, and to a physical therapist, and then he grabs hold of the rails that support his weight.. Every step he makes with his new leg is a great hurdle for him to over come.

Tulip. Rosy, And Daisy push their daddy's leg forward until the therapist tells them to let their daddy try to move his own leg by himself. Their daddy tries extremely hard, and his new leg begins to work slowly , but surely.

Everyone is tired so after therapy is over the little yellow bird drives the family mini van to get hamburgers. The Triplets order large burgers with extra beef, and divide the food among themselves in their van.

Grandpa , and grandma put on their false teeth ,and dig into one big hamburger together. Commander Yellow Bird ,and his wife share a meal.

With full tummies they all take a ride to Louisiana to look at mansions, and they find one as large as a castle only a few miles away from the old house trailer where they once lived in a Folgers coffee can.

The Little Yellow Bird , and her husband buy the mansion, and in no time the marines move them in it, and the electric, and gas are hooked up, plus the cable, and their home computer is set up. They even have televisions.

The little yellow bird is happy. Grandma , and grandpa are happy. The place is guarded, and protected, and they still have the help of their friend as the Red Cross nurse. Their family dog, a little Chiwawa, Hercules was thrilled as he immediately found a new place to hide his rubber bones.

The Little Yellow Bird called her brother Chirpy , and her sister -in-law Shangri LA on a cell phone.

Shangri LA was concerned at first. She Asked Chirpy if his sister wanted the Folgers can back to live in.

Chirpy said, " No honey, they just wanted to come to visit us , and asked if it was alright."

When the Folgers coffee can door bell rang, Chirpy opened the door , and hugged his sister, the Little Yellow Bird, and his crippled brother-in-law. In fact everyone began a ritual of hugs.

The triplets were glad to see their uncle Chirpy. Joann, and Becky, and the old man from the old house trailer were glad to see the Little Yellow Bird family too. Commander yellow bird hugged Becky, and Becky asked him what happened to his leg. The commander, said he got hurt in a jet.

Everyone talked for a while, and then the old man from the house trailer fixed everyone some ice tea, and those little party meatballs , and everyone was happy.

The Little Yellow Bird, and the Triplets took a walk with the old man. The old man showed the triplets his riding lawnmower, and so it turned out that they took a ride on the old man's shoulders as he cut some grass to show them how it worked.

The Little Yellow Bird, her husband, Chirpy, and Shangri LA, Grandma, and Grandpa watched the triplets as they took rides all over the big yard, and everywhere.

It was a fun evening, and to the surprise of the Little Yellow bird, and her husband, their New Louisiana home in Bayou land was ready to live in.

The Little Yellow bird was so happy to be back in her home town again. Boo, the old man's cat watched all the birds from his window, and so did a lot of other cats in the old man's house trailer.

The Little Yellow Bird said, " Gee look how much Boo has grown."

The little yellow bird's mom, in other words, grandma, warned her daughter, and the triplets ,and said, " Girls, You all just remember that cats will be cats, and they still like birds for lunch, even commanders.


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Phoenix : Thank You For visiting, and glad you like the story. God Bless You Dear Heart.

    • Poohgranma profile image


      7 years ago from On the edge

      What a beautiful and tender story. I really liked this!


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