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The Many Uses of the LED GU10 Light Bulb

Updated on August 1, 2010

Home and business owners today are looking to cut their expenses. With the state of the economy, everyone is trying to save money in any manner possible. One little known way to do this is to replace the standard light bulbs in one’s home or business with the newest type, the LED GU10 light bulbs. Many are familiar with the older type of Light Emitting Diode bulbs such as the small red light on a portable phone or digital alarm clock. Today’s bulbs are made of several of these small lights grouped together as one. They are finding their way into more homes and businesses each day.

There are many ways to incorporate these lamps into one’s home. These can include general lighting, such as is generally used in one’s living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or bedroom. They can be used as accent lights focused on artwork or other special displays. They also work well in track as well as cluster lighting, providing a much brighter, more focused illumination wherever needed. GU10 LED bulbs can also replace those in lamps such as lighting for desk lamps and reading, providing clear, focused light. For those who have a large landscaped property, using these new lamps in place of halogen or incandescent types will save the homeowner time as well as money. Besides using much less electricity, these have an average life of seven years, thus needing replacement much less often. In addition, these lamps do not heat up like incandescent or halogen types, making them much safer to use in the home.

The GU10 LEDs are ideal for business owners due to their long life as well as low electricity consumption. These lamps are very durable, and can stand up to vibrations or shocks that may occur at times in a commercial setting. Some uses include spotlights, display lighting, security lights, and walkway lighting. Because of the vast number of colors in which the bulbs can be manufactured, they are ideal for energy efficient illumination in bars, hotels and nightclubs. Additionally, because these types of bulbs remain cool during use, they can be incorporated in various indoor or outdoor displays without the worry of overheating when used over a long period.

With the development of the GU10 LED lamps, business owners and homeowners can both be more creative with their lighting. Whether they are used in the home to make it more elegant, or as part of the lighting in a business, directing one’s eyes to a particular item or even to the business building itself, the availability of these bulbs opens up a whole new dimension in lighting use. Though they cost more to purchase initially, they will make up that cost very quickly due to their reduced use of electricity as well as long life. These days, if one is looking for a product that can fill a need, as well as save money, they cannot make a mistake by choosing the GU10 LED.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

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    • blark profile image


      8 years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Nice hub about LED GU10 light bulbs. I'm waiting for LED prices to come down, and currently continue to use CFLs for my lighting. I do look forward to trying LEDs though.


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