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The Marigold is an Interesting Flower to Explore

Updated on April 21, 2010


Flowers are always good gift.

There are hundreds of pretty flowers in our lives today that are loved by people who grow plants, but in North America, one of the most popular ends up being the marigold. There are fifty one unique species of this type of flower that are all organized by botany into what we refer to as the genus Tagetes. You may be quite surprised to learn that a marigold is classified as a kind of daisy despite the fact that it is quite different looking than the daisy except possibly possessing a round shape. They are one of the cheeriest blossoms which someone is able to raise since Marigolds have a bright shade which tends to be pretty strong to the eyes. This is the reason many people will cultivate them around a home or in their garden since they make quite a splash with their bold red, yellow and gold shades. Because of this color pattern they are certainly a flower which can be relied upon for adding a unique touch. Take a look заказ цветов Санкт-Петербург

One highly impressive aspect regarding marigolds is that they are not only simple to grow, they actually aren't the type of flower which insects like to consume. However there are a few types of moths which do have larva that will eat them, the majority of bugs tend to avoid marigolds. This means Marigolds are able to be grown right next to other things that grow in your flowerbed that you want insects to keep away from. They're also known to keep bunnies and deer away from flowers. This is a great aspect of marigolds, however they have been used at an industry levels because they make an oil that is put in fragrances and also in many kinds of consumable products. Food dye is another area where these flowers have certainly been useful since their bold hues can be utilized to color various items in a naturalistic way that is safe for humans to consume. In parts of Mexico, these flowers (заказ цветов) are eaten for customs in recipes which contain potatoes and they are also blended up to be utilized in certain teas. It could be said that this is not a good idea to do for yourself unless you are experienced in cooking with flowers. For reason being as with any plant, being safe must come first so you will require the help of an expert person before you experiment because you do not want to make yourself or others to whom you serve food become sick.

Almost every flower on the planet normally has some type of meaning which spans beyond its message and this is the case with these flowers, too. The term Tagetes comes from a god which was an aspect of the customs of people around the Mediterranean Sea. However, the name marigold comes from exactly what it sounds like, Mary's gold. This happens to be in reference to the Virgin Mary who is well known in Christian mythology. Since these blooms can be found on every continent of this planet, there are a big number of other cultures that have tales which relate to the flowers.


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      Dhaval 3 years ago

      I have tried to do my own patterns-totally hoeelpss. I have lots and lots of vintage tablecloths. Sooo I picked one out that didn't have wine stains or red sauce stains and used one of them. Fantastic! Already had a hem! Very small but a HEM. What a great skirt. Cotton, funky fabric and the right width for a skirt. Flirty. Double over and cut to the length you want. I added an elastic band to the top. Voila-A SKIRT! I have made 3 so far and will make many more.


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