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The Most Common House Siding Questions Answered

Updated on April 26, 2017
Brick siding.
Brick siding.


Researching for the best siding for your house can be very overwhelming these days. There are just so many options to choose from in the market. There are a lot of siding products and services offered by traditional as well as online shops that it can be headache as you go through the process.

And this is even made more tedious with the competing aesthetically pleasing siding choices; almost all of the items you see in the display have awesome designs and vibrant colors. For first-time shoppers, this can also result to having more queries about a certain siding style or type including how to install it, how durable it is, how long does it lasts, and how often does it need repainting or maintenance.

Do you need to replace your siding?

There are a few critical signs you must check.

First, see if the siding has severe arillery fungi infestation. Check for small darkened holes. This is otherwise called shotgun fungus because the siding looks like it has been shot many times or that it suffers from consecutive gunshot.

Severe infestation means the siding can no longer be repaired or restored; you need to take them off, throw them away and replace new ones.

The fungi causes the siding to decay. It actually destroys the durability of your siding in a slow, gradual process so if they are noticed fast, they can be stopped and the siding can be restored. That is why regular maintenance is very important.

Second, check for warps, seams separation, and moisture content. Depending on the type of siding, vinyl or aluminum, you also see whether the planks suffer from severe dents and cracks.

Do you need to replace all the siding?

Usually, only those severely damaged boards are to be replaced. But it can be hard to find new plans that match the color of the previous ones.

What is the best siding for your house?

First of all, this depends on your siding budget. Second, your homeowners’ association policies. Next, the age and structure of your house. And lastly, what others in your neighborhood has chosen for their homes.

Is siding installation takes a great deal of time?

Of course, the installation depends on the area where the sidings will be installed as well as its type.

Different types of siding have individual processes for installation. If you want it finished in 2 days for an average size house, go for vinyl. But if 2 weeks is fine, then go for the wooden version.

Also consider that removing the old boards can take time as well as replacing the wraps. Wooden siding needs painting too.

Does the installation process affect the house interior?

If you stay inside your house while the installation is ongoing, you’d experience minor rattles and shakes that can possibly shift or remove wall pictures or items pasted on your walls.


To find out more information regarding siding installation and others, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the most trusted siding experts in your place just like the siding contractors in Grosse Ile Michigan. But having known the answers to the questions mentioned, you’ll surely able to come up with the best decision concerning your siding choices.


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