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How to EASILY fix and Apply Cornice Coving Molding-Cutting Corners Angles and Miters Step by Step Instructions

Updated on January 23, 2013
Step down coved ceiling workbook, shows how to create a double step feature
Step down coved ceiling workbook, shows how to create a double step feature | Source

No Specialist Mitres Corner Cutting Tools Required. Complete this amazing feature at home onto your ceilings!

By Dale Ovenstone 2011

There are very important tips inside this article, you should therefore be able to attempt cutting your cornice miters without any specialist tools & whilst you are here I would like to let you know about this amazing how to book showing how you can create a ceiling feature as in the pictures within but if you are not interested I have made the tips section bold & italics to make it easier for you to find. Please enjoy!

Lately, I have noticed so many folk attempting your own home ceiling & wall DIY, building, painting & decorating upgrades, drywall texture (mud) finishes, creative drywall comb patterns, faux, plastering, crown molding, cornice, coving, remodeling projects, medallions & interior room ceiling & wall decorative finishes, whether you wish your home to stick out from the crown & have the satisfaction of doing it yourself & have something so totally different & unique as your interior ceiling décor, standing out from anyone else within your neighborhood, or whether to save costs, money, cutting the expenses by doing it yourself as an interesting & creative hobby that you could even profit from to make money or, so that you know the job is done properly so here in I want to share with you an a few tips plus an amazingly unique ceiling feature you can easily build yourself onto your existing ceilings inside your own home, that could take only two days to complete from start to finish for each ceiling.

To create these ceilings the materials are so cheap to source & to purchase in many stockiest & diy shops world/nationwide & the steps to creation are so simple for you to follow & implement yourself even if you have never done anything like this before & once completed the labor of your task, endows your ceilings with the most amazing wow factor guaranteed experienced from all of those who have the pleasure viewing your works of art & the best part is if you want to make profit from creating these unique cornice, coving, crown moulding ceiling finishes for your customers at work or on the job would be a wise option as you can take photographs/pictures of your completed work to show them, which sells itself.

You may never have even heard about the ‘Ultimate Cornice, Crown Moulded (molded) Ceiling Feature-Your Ultimate Home DIY Ceiling Project’ downloadable step by step workbook which has become a bit of a popular hobby step by step ‘show me guide’ for all of those who have already benefited from this book material once downloaded instantly onto their computer at home or on the job. Created in 2009 & updated for 2011 I have put this book together to show you how I build these ceilings for pleasure & for profit onto my customers existing ceilings & how simple it can be for you to follow what I’m doing to create these ceiling finishes all for yourself onto your own existing ceilings.

Here is a little tip that not even many professionals know about to enable you to cut your own interior cornice, crown moulding mitres so that they match up to each other onto the ceiling/wall.

Step 1: Cut a small length of cornice or coving (about six inches long) & get up onto a ladder or hop up & hold the piece directly up to the ceiling/wall edge, at the correct angle, & directly right against the corner of the wall! (Right into the corner)

Step 2: Take a pencil & mark along the top of the cornice (make a pencil mark onto the ceiling directly from the corner, about 6 inches long away from the edge as you hold the cornice at the correct angle) Now take the pencil & mark a six inch line onto the wall!

Step 3: Get down from the hop up or ladder & take the same length of cornice or coving & step up to the adjoining wall directly next to the wall you just marked with the pencil! Now make the same pencil marks as onto this area, ceiling & wall, as you did on the previous wall!

Now get off your ladder & take a look at the pencil marks onto the ceiling areas! You will see you will have made a cross right into the middle where the pencil lines criss crosses each other!

Now imagine if you cut a length of coving, & it was the correct size for one of those sections of the wall/ceiling area & then you took this piece & held it at the correct angle to the ceiling wall edge, dead right against the corner of the opposing wall, you will make a pencil mark right onto the cornice exactly at the centre of the criss cross!

Now do the same with the length of cornice for the other wall/ceiling edge. These points that you have pencil marked onto the cornice are ready for you to cut, & furthermore, they will be the correct angle so that when you butt the two pieces up together on the wall/ceiling they will match in!

I know what you are thinking now, even though, I haven’t quite mastered mind reading, (as yet) but you may be wondering about adhesive material (the cheapest most cost effective) to use so that it does not come off as many who have not attempted this before (& even some of those who have) do have problems.

Single step feature. This book shows you how!
Single step feature. This book shows you how!

Well ponder no more, because this guide does not only focus on the first stages of planning out, & marking your ceiling feature prior to fixing the first stage, (the step down feature-which, does not consist of wood, or any other material that is hard to handle & cut-but you will be pleasantly surprised when you find out), for measuring the correct amount of step creating material, for cutting your material, showing how to fix it to the ceiling, to create the step feature which you build onto your ceiling first, before fixing the coving, cornice, or crown molding, but folk are absolutely astonished, once they learn, that you do not need any specialist tool for cutting mitres, (miters) of your coving, cornice, crown moulding, for there is a better way, a simple way, than not many professionals even know about, but see how to achieve these feats with only a pencil, a tape measure, & an ordinary saw.

Bish bash bosh. What’s all the fuss about, you’ll say? Job done!

Yes it’s true!

And being true to my word, creating the most unusual unique step by step guides & DVD’s showing others how to do it, always in contact with folk just to help them sort out DIY problems & queries because of my experience for over 30 years in the game, whether purchasing any of my products from me or not, I would like you the opportunity to try out this guide today. Go ahead & download it instantly onto your computer from the link below, onto your Tablet Mobile or MAC, it is in a PDF format, it cost’s just buttons as I have kept the price very low, & more importantly, if you would like a refund for any reason, just be my guest, keep the book & let me thank you for trying it out in the first place.

Take a look from the link below….

On the other hand, I would love for you to leave your comment in the box below, & if you have already purchased this download, please let others know your experience with ‘Ultimate Cornice, Crown Moulded (molded) Ceiling Feature-Your Ultimate Home DIY Ceiling Project’ downloadable step by step workbook.

Thank you for reading. Pleased do contact me for any concerns you may have.

Regards Dale Ovenstone 2011

Double step. This book shows you how!
Double step. This book shows you how!


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 3 years ago from Wales UK

      You are right DDE. To learn how to cut cornice, or coving, is a little tricky for the novice, once it all clicks in, everything is fine.

      Thank you for commenting, and don't forget to download the book for amazing ceiling ideas.

      Regards. Dale

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      How to EASILY fix and Apply Cornice Coving Molding-Cutting Corners Angles and Miters Step by Step Instructions a great idea and is helpful to many readers. Cutting corners if not approached skillfully can leave a damaged appearance.