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Important places in your house that may be suffering cleaning neglect.

Updated on April 4, 2016
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The Clean Witch makes natural cleaning and wax products. Cleaning is often seen as a chore but we are here to change that perception.

Everything looked tidy and smelled of cleaner so I am like it's clean, right? Wrong! When I went to get the things I had sent sailing under the sink the smell was anything but fresh and I saw this grime built up around the pipes. Yuk!!! The further I looked the worse it got. My shelves had build up on them and dust that would make anyone sneeze.

I decided it was time for a deep cleaning. The more I cleaned the more places that would pop up to clean. Many of the places I never even thought of to clean each week. Hidden dirt became like part of the furniture. It was just there and I had become blind to it. Oh, yeah speaking of chairs, I looked at the chair rails and couldn't believe how much dirt and gunk were on them. So I turned them upside down and there was a big clump of pet hair stuck to the bottom. I got out a cloth and cleaner ( I prefer an Eco-Friendly one) then started washing away. I looked and still not clean. It was like a putty all over them so I got out one of the old toothbrushes I had saved sprayed cleaner then went to town. Once the thick stuff was off I wiped it down with a cloth and, of course, more cleaner. Big change!

When I was putting the chair back in place I glanced over and noticed the heat registers. So much build up around the bottom of them. Every time I washed the floors I would unknowingly push the dirt up against the registers. The registers were spotted with dust, dirt, and grime. What should I do to clean it? Yes, of course, I got the trusty toothbrush out and after vacuuming it and spraying it the toothbrush went to work.

That was enough deep cleaning for a bit and it was time to take a break feeling tons of pride in my cleaning escapades. I gathered up all my toothbrushes and brought them over to the kitchen sink to rinse them out. You can reuse the toothbrushes again and again. Of course since I'm in cleaning mode now I see the gunk around the faucet base. Lucky for me I have clean toothbrushes in hand. I sprinkled some baking soda around the base then I got out the secret ingredient white vinegar. I absolutely love putting vinegar on baking soda. When it bubbles up it's super fun. I let it fizzle and then scrubbed it down with the toothbrush. Of course, had to go the rest of the way up the faucet. Ever notice that the top of the faucet twist off? That's the faucet aerator. Twist off the top of your faucet head. Inside there is a little screen that catches debris from pipes. If it isn't kept clean it will eventually stop or reduce the water flow and what water that does come out will have gone through all that debris making it far from clean water for you to drink or cook with. Ewww! Take a toothbrush, scrub it clean and rinse well and then twist it back on.

Don't feel you have to do these all on the same day. The deep cleaning takes time and energy. Use green cleaning aromatherapy products that give you an uplift in energy like orange and rosemary so you still feel good after you clean. Do it one item at a time and the next time you have to do it the cleaning will be much easier and go much faster. Keeping up on the dirt will give a lot of confidence in knowing your home is clean.


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