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The Need for Patio Umbrellas

Updated on July 10, 2011

Do you enjoy using your patio or deck but find that, at certain times of the day you wish the sun would find someone else to bother?  The solution to this problem could be one of the many varieties of patio umbrellas.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of the hole in the centre of your outdoor patio table is? Well, a number of outdoor tables are fashioned with a hole in the centre for the simple installation of a patio umbrella. It’s as simple as lifting the folded umbrella up and placing the pole through the hole. There should also be a weighted base located underneath the table in which the pole sets in for balancing purposes. A good patio table umbrella will come equipped with thumbscrews in order to stabilize the pole. Once you’ve gotten it into place, all that’s left to do is open or unfold the umbrella and simply snap a retainer into place. Now you have all the shade necessary from the sun whenever you need it.

When you’ve made the decision to go with a patio umbrella, be aware that there several version of umbrella poles in which you can choose from. Some are made from wood; however, they can also be found in fibreglass or aluminium. The spines of patio umbrellas are occasionally made up of matching materials. Some of them even come equipped with a joint in the centre which allows it to be tipped so that it may provide the maximum amount of protection from the sun. This would be called a cantilever patio umbrella. Another option is offset patio umbrellas. The pole on an offset patio umbrella is mounted to the side with a second pole branching out that holds the umbrella. They can be nice if you have a table that cannot accommodate a centre pole or if you just want to shade a chair without a table. Outdoor patio umbrellas need to be sturdy though and offset umbrellas can be a bit more unstable, so take that into consideration when choosing your umbrella.

It’s not uncommon to find a number of different styles and colours for your patio umbrella cover. When purchasing new patio furniture you may also discover that you can find a corresponding patio furniture umbrella cover. If this is not the case, don’t fret because there’s a plethora of coordinating colours one can choose from. Although it may be a little complicated to find than the customary patio umbrellas, it’s possible that one can find a square or rectangular patio umbrella that is designed to fit against your home. You can also find patio umbrellas in a variety of materials. Often you can choose from heavy canvas material to lightweight and easy to lift and manoeuvre nylon materials. Either are OK, but you should be sure that they are UV resistant to prevent deterioration from the sun.

It’s important that you find an appropriate umbrella stand as well. A patio umbrella base is designed for the purpose of securing the umbrella in place so that it won’t tip or be blown over by a strong gust of wind. Usually these bases are make of heavy steel, cement or plastic that you fill with sand or water. The ones that you fill with sand or water can be more portable as you can simply remove the sand or water at the end of the season for ease of moving and storage. These are just a couple of critical things to consider when expecting to protect yourself and others from the scorching hot sun.


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      John C 6 years ago

      Great informative article.

      You have discussed most of patio umbrella parts. Different types of patio umbrellas can be best in its applicable environment. More on patio umbrella applications here -