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The New You

Updated on July 25, 2017
The New you
The New you

The New You

When people read magazines, listen to the radio or watch television where they advertise a new body image or how to eat healthier or the new up and coming workout contraption. What does that make people feel like? Do you get the feeling of hey if someone else can look that good I can too and do you go out and purchase it? Sure workout contraptions are nice if you use them, but if you just buy them and they just sit there what is the use. Although using the new and upcoming workout contraption is not the only thing that can give you the feeling of being a new you. Things to make a new version of yourself, are limitless. Whatever that person might choose.

Everyone has their own version of what the new you is to them because nobody is the same. For example, Let’s say you are getting a new job, you don’t usually just get a new job along with getting the new job you usually get a couple of new pieces for your wardrobe and a new hair style. This is because if you are getting a new job you want a fresh start and to get a fresh start you usually try to change your look and say, this is the new me for a new chapter in my life. When you think of changing yourself, don’t just think about it do it. Nobody can stay the same forever, and if you want to change your look or your attitude towards something, don’t get scared and not do it, just try to and see what happens.

How do you think the new you, will get anywhere if you don’t try it out. If you want to update your look, then do it. Get your hair cut, and your nails done make you feel good? I don’t know any women who would say that it didn’t make them feel good. That is why we do it, and we enjoy it correct? When you tell a guy about it, they just roll their eyes thinking we are crazy. If that makes us feel like a new person then so be it, guys do things that we women don’t think are necessary but to a guy, it might be. That is one of the differences between the female and male sex.

A New Year A New You
A New Year A New You

The new version of yourself

When you ponder, the statement a new you? What it is exactly that you think of. They think of a new diet or skin care regime, but that is not the only thing that a new you could mean, the new you could mean, changing the way you live to make yourself better, or just the people you hang around with. Although it is all in the way that you act, that will change all of this. What would you say, would help you get to the new you if that is what you were trying to do? Exercising, having a new job or a new home, even a new outlook on life can contribute to you being a new person. Nobody wants to be the same forever, I know that I sure don’t. Sure some things in life may not work out as planned but that is why you try something new and see what happens that is the entire point of the New You concept.

Everyone is different so when you talk to someone about being a new you, they might not agree with the things that you want to do like, a number of times you want to work out a week, the job choice you have or even the living arrangements if someone wants to move. There are many things that can contribute to someone being a new person. If someone wants to be a new person it is up to them how they go about doing it, sure people can suggest what they think is right for the other person but in the end it the other person who has to make their own decision. Having the “I want to be a new person” attitude is a good attitude to have because then the changes you want to make in your life will get you farther.

There are many different ways, you can use the saying the new you. When you use it, however, make sure that you feel good about yourself. If you want to try something new, no matter what that something is, why not try it and see where it leads you. You never know the changes that can come from trying something new. Trying something new can contribute to the new you, and it may make you feel better in the end. The New you, is all about peace of mind and determination, so don’t give up if you want to do something to contribute to a change that you want to see in yourself, it will probably surprise you and who doesn’t like surprises?

If you are really into working out or doing new things to improve your health and body, what do you feel? You feel new, so you would call that the new you wouldn't you? Usually, people want to become new right after the new year, start a new workout regime that type of thing, the list is limitless when it comes to becoming a new you don't you think.

Everything that you do that is new in your life to better yourself is a way to becoming a new you, or a better version of yourself, the things that you can do to become a better version of yourself, or a new you if that is what you want to call, is limitless. Just go after the new thing that you want and see where it leads you.

Your life and what you do is defined by the choices you make, so if you want to make a change choose to do that and follow through with the change. When you change your mindset and go after what you really want with all your heart then you become a new person. If you changing your life is what makes you happy then go for it. The statement the new you is means you have figured out what you are missing in your life and want to go after it to make yourself a better person.

What is the New You?

The new you is the decision you make about your life. It is all about how you decide to live your life limitlessly. The new things that you want to do in your life during the next year, which we all usually find out in January as a new years resolution. But it doesn't have to be a new years resolution. It can just be you changing your life around to better yourself, for a change in your life. That can be what a new you is all about, that is what it is all about too me anyway. I changed my life for the better a few years ago, deciding that I was going to live limitlessly and not stop until I got to where I wanted to go, everyone can live that way and that can be considered a new you.

What do you think the statement " the new you" means?

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