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The Not So Hidden Signs A Burglar May Have Tried to Break Into Your Home

Updated on June 3, 2016

Has a burglar been prowling about the premises?

Burglars are not exactly known for being dainty. The classic movie image of a cat burglar walking around on his or her tiptoes is exactly that, an image. Burglars move with haste and leave evidence of their work. When there is an attempted burglary at your home, the signs are going to be present. Knowing how to recognize these signs allow you to take the necessary steps to burglarproof a residence.

Gates are Opened or Damaged

The wind can blow open a backyard fence gate, but it cannot open a latch. If you wake up one morning and notice a gate is strangely open, you may wish to investigate your doors and windows for any signs of attempted entries.

Of course, locking a gate definitely is advised but does not automatically present a deterrent. If you do lock a chain link gate and notice that the fencing is somewhat crushed or the connecting poles are bent, the chances are someone tried to climb over the fence.

Cast iron fences are not going to give weigh under a burglars weight, but dirt and soil will. Are there footprints on the ground by the fence? Are your flower beds trampled? If so, an intruder was likely prancing about.

Mysterious Damage to Window or Door Frames

Age and wear and tear could create minor or even major imperfections in a door or window frame. Serious dents or twists, however, are not obviously normal. When you see an indentation at the bottom of a window frame directing upwards, this could be a clear indication someone tried using a crowbar or other tool to pry the window open. The same can be said of any bends around the locking mechanism of a screen door or security sliding doors.

Trashcans or Other Objects Have Been Moved

Trashcans right outside your door, bags of garden soil, or containers of weed killer, like other objects at rest, have a tendency to stay at rest. Once the positioning of these objects seems blatantly out of the ordinary, the chances are someone was fumbling around with them.

Trashcans that have been blown over by the wind are going to be lying on their side or rolling around on the ground. They are not going to remain perfectly upright three or four feet away from where they stood for three days undisturbed unless someone moved them. Also, coverings and tarps do not get pulled away all of a sudden on a night where there was no heavy winds.

Does something just not seem right with the setup in your alleyway or back yard? Do not be dismissive of such things. Take immediate steps to improve the security of your home because the burglar just might come back.

Call the Police

A word to the wise: any time you suspect a burglar has been roaming the premises, call the police. You could call the non-emergency number if you do not feel imminently threatened. Describe the issue and let the authorities know what is going on. Perhaps the info you give them could help the police prevent future burglaries.


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