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The Nursery: Decorate the New Baby's Room with Affordable Style!

Updated on October 17, 2012
Dream Nursery- Sigh!
Dream Nursery- Sigh! | Source

Not Sure how to Decorate?

Are you a new Mommy or Daddy? Or is it in your near future?

I was there once- scared out of my mind that I wouldn't be able to complete my nursery in time for Baby's arrival! If you're anything like me, you have a million different ideas floating in your head and you need some help tying one down long enough to finish it. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Yikes! What a pre-baby nightmare!
Yikes! What a pre-baby nightmare! | Source

The Steps

  1. Make the Space. There is nothing worse design-wise than clutter! You can have a beautifully decorated room and clutter will mask it so no one notices the hard work you've put into decorating your nursery. Even though they are so tiny, babies require lots of room. Toys, furniture and other gadgets seem to overflow, so making room for these things is necessary. In a small room like the one we have set aside for the baby/ office/ crafts/ scrapbooking/ other hobbies, we had to be organized via tubs, crates, and even cardboard boxes. Buy a set of cheap metal shelves to use for storage-- they don't take up much room, but they are much needed as the date draws nearer! Cover the shelving with fabric like a curtain to hide the clutter. If clutter drives you insane, you're in good company! Even if you choose the cheapest white muslin, you can take fabric paint or felt flowers to the corners and add some personalized details! See the link to the right for a full tutorial from Colour Me There. This convenient storage will make a great statement piece in the nursery (or anywhere) and is not only functional, but also beautiful and creative.
  2. Discover the Essentials. Do your research and ask more experienced friends about the pieces of equipment they found necessary and helpful or just the opposite. Knowing what pieces you might not need will definitely same you some space, and probably money, in the long run. Another good way to cut back on clutter is to choose a few "statement pieces." For example, if you are creating a stuffed animal collection for your little one, maybe select a few to display on a shelf, instead of the whole collection. This will actually help these pieces to become more quickly noticed, and thus more immediately appreciated, in your baby's nursery than if you line an entire shelf with stuffed animals, which may appear cluttered. Keep only the essentials visible.
  3. Allow Gifts at your Shower. Many people are hesitant to allow gifts at their baby showers becuase receiving gifts, is, well, awkward! I recommend allowing, despite the discomfort. I received th most wonderful gifts at my baby shower because my friends and family wanted to graciously shower me with gifts.


4. Infuse your Own Style. Don't rely on Carter's for the best satisfaction in taste-- you may have to really search around, and even make your own pieces for the baby's room. This may include DIY artwork, bedding, and even revamping old furniture. The possibilities are endless, but remember, if you are going to live it every time you step foot in that nursery, you need to put your own creativity to work!


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