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The Old Country Store | This Online Store has just about all the old time products.

Updated on November 9, 2012
The Old Fashioned General Store, this is not a picture of Cottage Craft Works.
The Old Fashioned General Store, this is not a picture of Cottage Craft Works.
GrainMaker hand crank grain mill
GrainMaker hand crank grain mill
Hand Crank Little Dutch Maid Mixer
Hand Crank Little Dutch Maid Mixer

For those who enjoy the old fashioned general store or thumbing through an old mail order catalog from Sears and Roebuck you will be happy to know these product

From A-Z you can still purchase the old time products at this online merchant.

Many products are still USA made in the Amish communities, built just like they were in the earlier centuries.

If you don't like using a credit card online you can still order by mail even using a check or USPS money order just like the old mail order days.

At one time people depended on a one stop shop for purchasing food, house wares, and equipment for the farm and ranch.

Some of the largest retailers in the later 1800s and 1900s sold all types of products either in a retail store or by mail order catalog.

Those products sold often out lived the owners and were passed down to the next generations.

The one stop shop concept has mostly faded from the landscape as retailers focus on only certain product lines, mostly the more profitable clothing and home goods.

Shoppers now have to travel from store to store or spend hours online shopping different sites to find all the products they are looking for.

Finding some of the old time functional products used for generations is also very difficult.

When when they are found they are often a cheaply made imported copy, that just won’t hold up like the original USA made products.

Whether you’re looking for organic grains, hand crank food mills, or other food processing equipment this store has it.

You will also find the old time gardening and farming tools and equipment as well as all the old time home goods such as treadle sewing machines and Amish handcrafted furniture.

The store is Cottage Craft Works .com, the site features unique and hard to find products made in the cottage based and small business industries from across the US.

Some of the products such as a reproduction spool cabinet, and stainless steel drain board are exclusive made products not available anywhere else.

Other products such as a hand crank fry pie maker are only available online at this retailer.

Items are still made the old fashioned way using solid hardwoods, and thick metal components.

Not much plastic or planned obsolescence here, as these people build and use products meant to last a lifetime.


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