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The Only Private Townhouse on 5th Avenue in NYC

Updated on July 30, 2010

... and it just sold for $44 million

The only private townhouse on New York's acclaimed Fifth Avenue was just recently purchased at a price of $44 million by Mexican telecom billionaire Carlos Slim. According to a recent Forbes study, Slim is currently the richest man in the entire world, even ahead of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, both of whom have decreased their wealth considerably through charitable donations.

This town house is located on the corner of 5th and East 82nd Street and has been known as the Duke-Semans Mansion through much of its 110-year-old existence. It's only 27 feet wide, but because of its locations it's one of the most desired pieces of residential real estate in the entire city. It's unclear what Slim plans to do with the property, which was built in a Beaux Arts fashion and is absolutely stunning. It's located across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, aka The Met. 

Who is Carlos Slim?

Carlos Slim is the chairman and CEO of Telmex, Telcel, and America Movil, all telecom companies operating out of Mexico. The 70-year-old is worth over $60 billion, but he's also becoming a well-known philanthropist. He owns large shares of several American companies, including a 6% share of the New York Times. He also owns another large office building in New York City, also on Fifth Avenue, which he paid $140 million for just last month. With his wealth, spending 1/5th of a billion dollars in a month and half is no big deal, and it'll give him places to go when he's in New York examining his investments.


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