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The Other Dimension. When God In Heaven Talks To Us. Part 8.

Updated on October 9, 2015

My father, and Becky were very close. Although dad was troubled by the Second World War, somehow he would spend time with us, and with Becky in his elder years.

My father never drove cars. He only traveled occasionally around town on his bicycle. Sometimes he would visit a friend, or neighbor, or simply make his way to a grocery store to buy candy for Becky.

Dad spent seemingly endless time visiting, and talking to Becky. He would knock on our door to let Joann, or I know he had come to visit.

We always found time, for my father to visit us. Becky would often say, " Grandpa is here. He's knocking at the door. "

I was not always able to sit down to talk with dad. I spent a lot of time either working long distances away from home at an oil refinery, or at a Nuclear plant, or perhaps in Joann's gift shop that I had built for her. I usually did my best to dust it, or to keep it clean for customers. Joann had her hands full with Becky. Sometimes she worked on taxes for customers. Even my mother was busy doing some sort of work in her house.

My father would sit down beside Becky, and talk about the war . Becky was very young. She did not understand anything about wars, or worried about grandpa's endless goings on about matters. All Becky wanted was to see her grandfather, and she enjoyed candy, or whatever treat he brought her. Grandpa could talk about fishing, or the war. It did not matter to her. Becky would just enjoy her candy, ice cream, cookies, snacks, potato chips, or whatever grandpa brought her. In fact my father would talk about the Roman Empire too, which was his favorite subject, and Becky would listen, or hand him parts to puzzles, then together they would create pictures . Becky was able to talk. She had a good vocabulary of fair words she used quite often, but my father did most of the talking.

For many years my father, and Becky would share their wonderful visits together. But sometimes dad would just simply go fishing. And fishing often meant long hours at a river .

By the river dad seemed to be at peace with nature. The river was the place away from war, battles, politics, or even reality . Mom ,and I drove dad to the river banks often where he could enjoy his life in peace as he fished for catfish.

Fishing was never , and easy venture for my father. It usually meant that he would bring along his flat boat, sometimes his outboard motor, or perhaps even a large tent because he might decide to camp outdoor's for days. Dad had dark skin. The sun, the rain, the weather made his flesh rough like a real outdoors man. In the war he lived in the jungles , so the river was easy for him to tolerate. Sometimes I would see dad talking by a river bank. Sometimes I would stay for a while with him, but I was always busy . I never saw anyone stay outdoors as long as my father . Some folks would go fishing with him , for a short while, but when the sweat came, and the body oils began to cover flesh, most of the fellows would go back home.

It was not easy to find dad in the early days. Mom , and I would ride to the country river in an old station wagon. I would flash a headlight so that he could see our car from way down the river. Sometimes I would get lucky , and I would see a dim light flickering as he was walking toward us from a long distance deep in the woods.

Mom would usually wait in her car if I decided to meet dad in the woods. I was not wild about walking into the woods at night, but I always brought something for self protection just in case something wild would try to attack me , but that never happened .

I remember raising hell sometimes as I walked deep in to the woods because branches, mosquitoes, bugs, everything was attracted to my headlight, or flashlight. Why in the devil was I doing such a thing ? I was not wild about the outdoors like he was. However the wonderful sound of his bucket with fishing gear in it was always a pleasant thing to hear because I knew he was safe, and not too far away . I would hear metal things moving around, ,or fishing gear coming into contact with limbs , or branches.

Sometimes dad would catch large catfish.

Then one day, my father went fishing one last time. He died away from home. A massive heart attack killed him .

Becky has only used her legs to stand up only once in her life. No one knew my father had died, however Becky knew before any of us were told. There was no way Becky could have known that he died unless something spiritual had entered her mind.

Before a neighbor knocked on my mother's door, Becky was raised to a standing position by either God from Heaven, or God's angels . Becky stood up straight using her legs , and feet .

God is very real. Becky cried as loud as anyone on earth could ever cry , and then her body which was totally tensed, and rigid , relaxed, and she fell back into the sofa.

The knock on the front door moments after Becky returned to the sofa was to inform my mother that my father was rushed to a hospital. Dad had already died, but his body was on it's way to the hospital.

We believe that Becky was told by God that her grandfather's life was over, and that God helped her to cope with his death .

Becky never cried again over her grandfather. Becky never mentioned him ever again. It has been many years since his death . Becky never once mentioned him ever. It was as if he had never existed in her mind at all .

The only thing Becky ever said about her grand father immediately after his death was, " Yes, I know all about it."

There was no way on earth Becky could have lifted herself from the sofa from her on strength. Becky's spine is not fully developed. There was nothing around Becky for her to pull herself up. Becky has never stood up on her feet in her life by her own strength.

We were worried that Becky would be lost without her grandfather ,but it was like he was never alive in her life.

God Bless .


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Phoenix : It was something to see, the way Becky, and her granfather did little simple things together. It has been thirty three years, and Becky never mentioned him. God Bless You Precious heart. God Bless Gary And your family.

    • Poohgranma profile image


      7 years ago from On the edge

      I missed reading this and probably other hubs you've written in the past three months. This is an amazing recounting of something obviously beyond our understanding. Children's minds and hearts are still more sensitive to the things we push aside because of all of the business in our lives. If we could find the still and quiet place that they are able to achieve, I'll bet we could experience more too. We have to be still and listen for that clear and ever present voice of our Lord to be guided by Hid love and caring. This is a beautiful sharing of your father and Becky's times together and I really enjoyed reading it!

    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear prasetio : Thank you so much for reading my work. You are a special precious friend to everyone, and to me. God Bless You, and everyone in your family.

    • prasetio30 profile image


      7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      This was very deep and I love this hub very much. Life is unpredictable, but you have beautiful life and wonderful memories. Thanks for share with us. My prayer always for you...cheers.


    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Hello hello : I sincerely appreciate your visit, and your kind thoughts. God Bless you dear heart, and wishing you happiness always in the blessed arms of God. And may all your family be blessed as well.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for giving a glimpse of your life which was and is not easy.


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