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The Perfect Coffee Set Up: Home Machine, Office Machine & Grinder

Updated on January 26, 2010

The Ultimate Home Machine: Capresso Espresso Classic Espresso Machine

Capresso's Espresso Classic gives you the ability to brew quality espresso simply and efficiently. At its heart is a stainless steel thermoblock boiler, which provides quick heat up time and little down time between shots. And with its pressurized style portafilter that also accommodates pods, you can easily produce shot after shot of delicious espresso. The Espresso Classic's dual position frother makes topping off your espresso simple too, so you can go from empty cup to fresh cappuccino in a matter of minutes. Available in black, the Capresso Espresso Classic espresso machine comes with single and double filter baskets for use with ground coffee, and a pod portafilter basket for use with espresso pods.

The Ultimate Office Machine: Gaggia Baby D Espresso Machine

Pop quiz: what has a sleek silver housing, a three-way solenoid valve, and two programmable brewing buttons? You guessed it - the Gaggia Baby D. The Baby D is the only semi-automatic in its class that pairs these great features with a commercial style brew group and portafilter, allowing you to create cappuccinos, macchiatos, and all your other coffeehouse favorites in your own home.

If you're thinking that the 6 buttons on the Baby D's control panel look a little familiar, you're right - they're the same buttons found on the Gaggia Titanium - and 2 of them are what sets this espresso machine apart from its competitors. Instead of the traditional "press once to start brewing and press again to stop" design, the Baby D features 2 programmable buttons for brewing that make it a one-touch affair. Just press one of these brewing buttons and when the programmed liquid volume has been dispensed, the Baby D automatically stops the brewing process. Add this capability to the D's Turbo Frother and its ability to brew with both ground coffee and ESE certified pods, and you have the ultimate in convenience and quality.

The Baby Is Well Built!

Inside the Baby D, you'll find heavy-duty internal components that are just as impressive as its capabilities. Gaggia not only designed this espresso maker with a high-wattage boiler and a three-way solenoid valve, but also included a chrome plated brass commercial brew group and 58mm portafilter that make it possible to brew café quality drinks every time.

The Gaggia Baby D comes with 2 stainless steel filter baskets (1 double shot basket and 1 single shot/ESE pod basket), a tamper and a 7g coffee scoop.

The Isomac Granmacinino Grinder

Isomac's Granmacinino grinder is the perfect complement to an espresso machine. The Granmacinino's 18 grind settings allow you to go easily from the extremely fine grind needed for commercial style portafilters to the slightly coarser grind that pressurized style portafilters require. So even if you're planning on upgrading your espresso maker in the future, the Granmacinino will still meet your needs.

The body of the Granmacinino is housed in curvy polished stainless steel. Continuing its distinct look is the 10oz bean hopper and its stainless steel lid, which together, give off of the old-time feel of an antique gumball machine. To top off its sleek look, this grinder uses a "hidden" microswitch that blends in with the front of the machine to activate the grinding process. Just press the button with your portafilter and the Granmacinino starts grinding beans and dispensing the grounds right into your portafilter. Available in stainless steel.


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