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The Perks of Owning a Corner Bookcase

Updated on August 16, 2009
Dress up your Corner Bookcase!
Dress up your Corner Bookcase!

Furniture, particularly storage based furniture, can be tricky sometimes. It can be hard to find the right piece that both looks great and at the same time stores all of those nick knacks, books, and assorted random sentimental junk. Most of the time you'll be able to find one or the other. For example, I find this fantastic looking computer desk (which I'm currently writing from right now) that is almost like a shrine to my computer in the way it looks, but it has no drawers! Yeah, we discovered that it had no storage space after we put it together.

Don't let something like that happen to you. A desk is one thing but if you're looking for a bookshelf or armoire type of deal, you should consider going out and purchasing a corner bookcase. A corner bookcase provides a ton of storage benefits and they usually present the items they are storing in a refined and dignified manner. If its extra storage space with a little extra pinache you're looking for a corner bookcase is for you.

Some Come Open Some Come Closed

The great thing about corner bookcases is the variety they provide. Furniture stores have all sorts of different kinds of corner bookcases on their shelves that come either already assembled or have moderate assembly requirements. It isn't too difficult to put a brand new corner bookcase together from scratch either if you're into woodworking or hobby furniture building.

What you plan to put inside the bookcase is going to determine how you want those items to be shown to the world and thus will determine what sort of bookcase design you must get. All corner bookcases are designed to sit quietly in a corner of your room and work as a subtle design element but there are a lot of different variations on the same theme.

You can find some bookcases that are more like cabinets that have doors attached to them (wood or glass) which you can open and close like cupboards. There are also some styles that don't have any doors at all and are just open faced bookshelves. There are also combination corner bookcases that use elements of both of those styles.

Display Your Belongings Proudly

The goal of the corner bookcase is to display your property. If you wanted to keep your items out of sight you would just put them in a box in the closet but you're deciding to put them on a bookshelf for all to see. That is the main perk of owning a corner bookcase, everyone gets to see your books and pictures.

Depending on your personality you're going to showcase different items on your corner bookcase. I'm a literature buff so I like to have all of my novels and great works of literature sitting at the forefront of my corner bookcase but you might enjoy showing off something different. The corner bookcase is not just a furniture piece like a chair or a table because it acts as a temple for many of your personal possessions.

Buy a Corner Bookcase and See What I Mean

What do you store on your corner bookcase?

Yes this might have been a silly hub but it makes me curious. What sort of things do you store on your bookcases and what do you think that tells your house guests about your personality? Do you think there are other perks to owning a corner bookcase besides the ability to display your personal items while storing them?


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