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The Pros And Cons Of A Wireless Doorbell

Updated on March 17, 2011

A wireless doorbell is another invention of modern society focused on consumer electronics. Today it is all about making your life more convenient and simple and a wireless doorbell is a great example of that. The ease of installation process and functionalities characterize this type of doorbell and will assist you in making your home more practical. And it is especially practical for those who live in leased apartments and homes. If you decide to move some day, since there is no wiring necessary here you can take your doorbell with you.

The Pros Of A Wireless Doorbell

1. Easy Installation

A wireless doorbell is so easy to install that even an 8 year old could do it. As oppose to installing a regular doorbell. All you are required to do is plug into a receiver at any adequate electrical outlet. Then hang the actual doorbell on the front side of your door and you are good to go. Although it would be better for you to attach the wireless doorbell a little more firmly to prevent stealing or unit removal by criminals. A wireless doorbell is an excellent choice for people who are living in rented places that do not have a doorbell or come with an ugly doorbell. Now those people can have a doorbell they like for about $20.

2. The Price

Most wireless doorbells are cheap today, and the days when a wireless doorbell was considered to be an expensive gadget are in the past. The cheapest ones cost about $20, and the most expensive ones go up to $150. The higher the price the more features a wireless doorbell has, or a more unique design. But regardless the listed prices, a quality wireless doorbell can be bought for around $50 to $90. Besides, they are so cheap that you can afford to have more than one doorbell. For example, you can get a wireless doorbell for the backdoor or some other house entrance. Wherever you feel you could use another doorbell.

3. Mobility

Mobility equals comfort. Meaning you can carry around the receiver of the wireless doorbell or move it to another location that is more convenient for you, where you can hear the doorbell better depending on your position in the house. This is a great option if you spend a lot of your time in a room that is far from the doorbell or in a room where the sound does not get through that easy. You can just plug in the doorbell's receiver wherever you are located and your visitors will never experience lack of response from you.

The Cons Of A Wireless Doorbell

1. Limitations Regarding Frequency Range

Majority wireless doorbells extend out from 75 feet to 150 feet. So before you purchase a doorbell establish what kind of range will you need. If you will need more than 150 feet, no worries.  Recently have appeared longer range doorbells that can go up to 300 feet. But it is going to cost you more. Also thicker walls, metal walls, different floors can come up as an issue to a wireless doorbell. If they do represent a problem then consider getting a longer range bell (300 feet, like previously mentioned) and in a combination with an intercom system it extends as far as 3000 feet. There is another option which includes buying a wireless doorbell extender or an amplifier. Look for them at manufacturers like Dimango, Carlon, Heath & Zenit and others. This option is widely used for larger homes and more distanced areas of the house like attics and basements.

2. Other Frequency Interceptions

Some doorbells can collide with other external  frequencies in their closer surrounding such as a car alarm, garage door openers or even other wireless doorbells. But there is a solution. You can block other intercepting frequencies by buying a wireless doorbell that contains more then one wireless frequency. Then by having a number of frequencies to choose from, you will have no problems with other possible external frequencies.

3. Limitations Regarding Wireless Doorbell Designs

Because wireless doorbells are a rather new gadget on the market, so far there are not that many décor choices you can choose from. Doorbell covers and buttons for now are restricted only to standard black or white cover and colored or transparent button. The most modern wireless doorbells on the market are considered to be the Jacob Jensen doorbells. Wired doorbells  beat wireless ones in terms of design. However, more wireless doorbell designs are arriving every year and it is just the matter of time they will match regular doorbells design.

4. Batteries

The wireless doorbell batteries need some upkeep as they have batteries in the alarm and the button. With the exception of plug in models which only have a battery in the button. Due to this circumstances you will be required to place replacement batteries.  But this represents only a small problem because they batteries are long lasting and usually takes a few years before they run out. It is not that big of a disadvantage, but counts as one.

Polly want a wireless doorbell?
Polly want a wireless doorbell?

Additional Information On Wireless Doorbells

Regarding the energy source, there are two main types of a wireless doorbell: powered by batteries and plug-ins.  Models powered by batteries use either triple A batteries or D batteries which are stronger. The key here when buying battery operated wireless doorbells is the battery life. It is recommended to go with stronger D batteries as they will provide with longer lasting battery life. The second type of wireless doorbell is a plug-in. The doorbell receiver is plugged in the wall socket. This is convenient if you do not want mess around replacing batteries. But it is not convenient in the aspect of taking outlet spaces.

Worrying about wireless doorbell functions, design and range there are times people forget to listen to  how a doorbell really sounds or how many options it has when buying online. There is a whole wide of online stores which enable you to listen to the bell sound.Whereas the wireless doorbell design is limited, the sounds and chimes are exactly the opposite. The options here are endless. You can choose from standard sounds like Dong or Ding Dong, some of them play an integrated list of 50 songs. Other allow you to play any song you want or even record a message. This is great during holidays. At least, you will make people smile when they press your doorbell. As you see, this aspect of wireless doorbells is very customizable but regardless of what you choose in the end, most bells provide you with around 11to 13 basic sounds. If you already have a wireless doorbell and you are no satisfied with your current sounds, you can buy add ons which will provide you with more chimes and sounds.


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