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The Right Boxes for Moving (Packing Tips)

Updated on October 11, 2014
The right box for the right job.
The right box for the right job. | Source

A Smarter Way To Move

When moving to another location, it is important to use the right supplies to get the job done, especially when it comes to boxes. Storage boxes can fall apart and break frequently because of moist air or other unfavorable climate conditions, so before choosing a box, take a good look at what you will be packing. The size of each box matters, and should vary depending on what you’re packing in it.

Small boxes are best used for books, shoes, small appliances, canned goods, and other things that may be heavy but not bulky. They are often around 1.5 cubic feet and work well for small to medium items. A medium box, or one that is around 3 cubic feet, can be used for many things such as small lamps, children’s toys, kitchen items and so on. Large boxes, which are around 4.5 cubic feet, are used for more lightweight items such as blankets, pillows and clothing. In most cases, large boxes should be filled with lighter items because this will make them easier to carry.

Other Specific Types of Boxes

Then there are dish-packing boxes. They come with dividers so that you can transport your dishes, stemware and bowls easily and safely. Mattress boxes keep your mattresses from becoming damaged and come in a variety of sizes to match standard mattress sizes, such as queen and king, double, standard, twin and crib.

In addition, there are boxes to carry mirrors safely. Mirror boxes are also used to carry glass tabletops and large pictures. Some may not know this but custom crates are also available and can transport artwork, antiques and chandeliers safely and easily.

Wardrobe boxes are large, upright and usually have a suspended bar inside for hangers that helps the transportation of clothing, draperies and curtains safely and securely.

Tips From the Experts

There are packing tips that experienced professional movers can offer such, as packing one room at a time and labeling every box. Another packing tip is to keep the weight of your boxes light to medium. Some moving experts agree that if possible, put heavy items in small boxes. This will make them easier to carry. Furthermore, don’t apply tape on a painted or polished wood finish. Trying to remove this tape later could damage and mar the surface. In addition, be sure to double-box fragile items and add additional cushioning. This could prevent a disaster of epic proportions.

Another good piece of moving advice is that when you are finished with your packing and are ready to load up your items, make sure that the belongings you don’t need right away are loaded on to the moving truck first. Make sure to pack essential items in separate bags and take them with you - this means things like a change of clothes, towels, prescription drugs, paper plates cups and utensils, personal grooming items such as toothpaste, deodorant, tissues and toilet paper, a small tool kit and clean sheets for each bed. And if you’re using a storage facility in San Diego, be sure to apply the same strategy: the most often-needed items should be the most easily accessible, and daily essentials should be kept with you.

With these simple tips, some early preparation and some strategic planning, packing up your personal belongings can be easy and make your moving plans go as smooth as possible.


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    • momsdoworkathome profile image

      Katina Davenport 

      4 years ago from Michigan

      This hub reminds me of the last time I packed up my household with my family to move into a much bigger place. It was tedious. I wish I had some of these tips that you mentioned in the hub, especially the one about putting heavier things in the smaller boxes. I will remember that one for next time.


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