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The Riviera Apartments 9900 China Spring Rd. Waco, TX 76708

Updated on January 18, 2015

Ocean Waco The Smallest Ocean In The World But Alas Closed!

Two of the Palms are dead and you can not see the numerous bugs that are seldom cleaned from the dirty water.
Two of the Palms are dead and you can not see the numerous bugs that are seldom cleaned from the dirty water. | Source

Waco Texas The Best Coastal City In The Whole State

Definition of RIVIERA:

"A coastal region frequented as a resort area and usually marked by a mild climate".

Waco for anyone that has ever visited it is not a coastal region. Galveston Texas which is a coastal city located on the Gulf of Mexico is according to Google Earth. 241 miles, and a 4 Hour and 27 minute drive. Waco or indeed this apartment complex is not a coastal region. Unless you use your imagination and think of the CLOSED POOL as the coast. Do we need to go into average Waco Temperatures to ascertain if "Mild" is applicable here also?

Origin of RIVIERA:

from the Riviera, region in southeastern France and northwestern Italy

First Known Use: 1766

The Image above and to the right of the page is of the pool at the Riviera Apartments as it appears on most advertising websites. Looks lovely, tempting, inviting and CLOSED! Of course this is a very old photograph. Two of the palm trees were allowed to die due to neglect on the part of the maintenance team. Also the Spa addition to the pool was filled in years ago and is now just another large makeshift planter with a sickly plant as its center piece.

The pretty plants in the pots placed around the pool are all fake plastic plants. But being fake is a trademark of all things Riviera.

Two Dead Palms Two More To Go

The Photographer should have taken this picture from the far left to hide the two Dead Palms.  Probably taken by a member of staff.
The Photographer should have taken this picture from the far left to hide the two Dead Palms. Probably taken by a member of staff. | Source

The Incredible Shrinking Palms

Don't worry about the new little Palms looking out of place against their mature brothers for just like Palms that once stood mighty and proud these two are now dead.
Don't worry about the new little Palms looking out of place against their mature brothers for just like Palms that once stood mighty and proud these two are now dead. | Source

Property Manager Mona Fitch


Receptionist / Manager

Quote from " We focus on you!
Experienced management teams dedicated to quality customer service along with apartment communities including a variety of amenities, will make your new apartment home inviting and comfortable. Click on the area of your choice from the search area above and start packing-you are sure to find an apartment to do more than just hang-your-hat, you will find a new home!". Now read what the reality of this statement is.

Riviera Apartments Property Manager Mona Fitch claims that she has no actual say on anything that goes on within the Riviera Apartment complex. Here are examples of this;

1. Any rent or financial matters pertaining to your apartment.

2. Maintenance either being carried out incompetently, slowly or just never addressed.

3. Dismissing incompetent members of her team and the employing of new ones that will actually do the tasks they were contracted to undertake.

4. Keeping non-residents out of the pool area (But only when the pool is actually clean enough to be open). This task is apparently for the residents to enforce!

5. And the most important blame shifting of them all "Call Sherri at 512-832-0560". You can of course call this number and it will ring and ring and eventually reach an answer phone. Leave a message and a contact number, but expect to wait till Hell freezes over for a reply.

When pushed for further information with regard to the aforementioned "Sherri", stonewalling was employed, e.g. no surname, no address, no email. The questions were met with " All we have is this". So the Riviera Management give the incredulous impression that their corporate head office is run by one person going under the pseudonym of "Sherri"? Or is it just a phone in a tiny little office that the corporation wants people to call like a child sending a letter to Santa Claus? All responsibility is thus taken away from Ms Fitch In computer terms this is called a "firewall". If you read below I have actually provided the real owners name address and telephone number. Feel free to call them day or night your call will be greatly appreciated. If asked remember to tell them Mona Fitch referred you by proxy!

Cool Off at 3am Under The Sprinkler/ Fountain

4 Months and this is still not fixed. But do not worry about wasted water. That comes out of your rent money. Rather pretty though!
4 Months and this is still not fixed. But do not worry about wasted water. That comes out of your rent money. Rather pretty though!


  1. Over priced. "Hey everyone the school district has a great rating so lets keep bumping up the price".
  2. Deposits never fully repaid. They will always find some excuse to extract as much of that as possible. The term "Fair Wear and Tear" is an unknown here.
  3. Deceptiveness regarding rents. They are careful to make all kinds of promises verbally, but then will turn on a dime and claim that conversation never took place and issue with a larger bill for deposits/rent.
  4. Incompetently Managed. Well it is not managed, to manage anything one actually has to have powers to carry out this duty. Mona Fitch claims to have none of these.
  5. Insect infestation. Cockroach and Fire Ant infestations are rampant and even if dealt with only a cursory squirt of an undisclosed solution is deployed. The Beetles and other insects are actually housed within the structure of the buildings and to be effectively eradicated this issue needs to be addressed. Spraying is only effective if bore holes are used to penetrate nests within the structure.
  6. Little to no planned maintenance, unless you count the grass being cut once a week regardless of it needing to be cut or not. But on the plus side they do have a sprinkler system that is timed to go off just as you are trying to sleep. But do the sprinklers water the grass-NO! most of the sprinklers are aimed to water the sidewalk perfectly. Perhaps it would be more beneficial for residents to have their Air Conditioned units serviced rather than the "wait till it breaks" policy! And it will after 6 PM on a Saturday when no maintenance is around till the following Monday. Then of course without the parts, which will have to be ordered as they have no stores on site to house essential or even rudimentary components, your hot misery will be extended for days. Although you can take full advantage of the sprinkler system to cool off by sitting out on the sidewalk at night.
  7. Lovely views for residents of old and soiled mattresses and furniture piled around the dumpster. But do not venture too close to the dumpsters as it is a mine field of broken glass. I am surprised they did not position the children's play area there. Although the play area is situated in a popular location for residents to let their pets poop.
  8. Please do not blame us we only work here. Yes the management claim everything done at the complex comes from above and they are not responsible for anything! Kind of makes you wonder why they even have a so called manager if the person in question is by their own volition not able to manage anything! Receptionist is probably a better way to describe management at the Riviera.
  9. The maintenance run around : "We fixed it" No you did not even enter the property. So one has to wonder what kind of supernatural powers you are implementing here?
  10. Residents only in the pool area, never enforced during the rare occasions the pool is open it is just used as a public pool by anyone that cares to turn up. When complaints are made to management residents are supposed to police it and not the management. EVEN WHEN THEY ARE THERE!
  11. At this time this is blank but will be filled as further information is obtained.

False Advertising Banner in Lobby/Foyer

Notice the Pool and Wifi on the banner? False the Pool is closed so also no free wifi unless you can pick it up from standing outside the locked gates.
Notice the Pool and Wifi on the banner? False the Pool is closed so also no free wifi unless you can pick it up from standing outside the locked gates. | Source

Bad Design/Apartment layout: Paper Thin Walls

The apartments are designed so the master bedroom of one backs directly to the master bedroom of another. This is fantastic if you like to hear every word in perfect clarity of your next door neighbors conversation, however as nighttime approaches other sounds emanate for your listening pleasure. If hearing the occupants in the adjacent apartment rutting is better than what's on TV fine! Personally it is just embarrassing for all concerned.

Ideal For Students

Being a student this is probably your first time away from home and your first apartment.

The Riviera loves students, they are not seasoned complainers!

Executive Business Area

Yes two old and slow PCs with a printer which is either always out of ink or paper. When you inquire about either you are met with this dialogue "I am too busy", or a glazed expression and a shrug of the shoulders.

No basic Word processing features, so unless you just want to surf the internet as far as conducting business it is redundant.

24 Hour Fitness Center

Two treadmills, one cycle machine and broken weights machine, although you do get a magnificent view of the CLOSED POOL! and finally an aerobics room about the size of mouse's closet.


No reason given for this!!!. The pool is clearly advertised, as can be seen on the promotional banner above. However, they list no seasonal closing times and surely this is false advertising. It is purely used to tempt in new residents with the promise of a pool facility available all year round. IF THE POOL IS TO BE CLOSED FOR SIX MONTHS OF THE YEAR CLEARLY STATE THAT ON YOUR WEBSITE AND ANY OTHER FORM OF ADVERTISING, DO NOT TRY TO DECEIVE WITH FALSE PROMISES!

No Residents Club House

The Riviera Apartments have 20 buildings of 8 units each for a total of 160 potential families. With each unit on a potential one-year lease each that's a lot of time to spend on the same parcel of property. There are very few areas on site where neighbors can gather to get to know one another. There are a handful of picnic tables scattered over the property but not near every unit. The pool area had been a common area for neighbors to gather because there were tables and chairs and electricity. Some brought boomboxes to play music. With the pool area locked up, this area is no longer accessible for neighbors to meet.

Some apartment complexes have a clubhouse or facilities were residents can gather and get to know one another. You would think a facility this large would have one. There is little to encourage residents to mingle with one another.



INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46260-1812 % Ownership: 100%

Rose Irwin R & Co, 9245 N Meridian St Ste 215, Indianapolis, IN. Tel: 317-844-8825


Residents Complaints Email Address

Are you, or have you been, a resident of The RivIera Apartments Waco Texas? Please scroll down to the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Or visit our Facebook page.

Riviera Land Description

Property ID: 323631 Legal Description: COUGAR RIDGE PT 3 Block 10 Lot 21 Acres 11.148 TELEPHONE 317-844-8825

Your comments and experiences are important.

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