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The Role Of Real Estate Photogrpahy In Business

Updated on December 4, 2014

Until a few years back, the only ways to sell properties was through hiring real estate agents/brokers, listing your property in the classified pages of newspapers, or posting your ads on street bulletin boards. Admittedly, these were not the most efficient or effective ways since the vendors had little control of the transactions when coursed through agents. When properties were listed in classified ads, however, sellers depended much on chance that buyers would be patient enough to strain their eyes searching through a long list of finely printed “for sale” notices in classified ads pages.

Raw Captured Photo
Raw Captured Photo

With 80% of prospective buyers being drawn to pictures when hunting for properties, real estate brokers upgraded their selling techniques by taking a few pictures of the properties they were selling with point-and-click cameras and incorporated these “mug shots” to their advertisements. However, because of the camera’s limitation in capturing the true nature of a property, much was still left to be desired in terms of effectiveness in gaining more clients. Spacious rooms look cramped and uninviting, windows that suppose to offer beautiful views appear as walls of white light, and stunning architectural masterpiece look strange with unappealing angles.

Photography has become an important part in real estate marketing and the advent of the internet makes it more so. A growing number of prospective buyers depend on the internet for their search for properties and they regard photography as a very useful tool in their search for houses online. Hence, the introduction of real estate image editing is a vital breakthrough in the marketing of properties. Now, buyers do not have to rely on static and often unrealistic pictures for their decisions to buy.


Beautiful photography attracts buyers, while bad photography turns them away. A professional photographer can show a property at its very best and generate leads. Studies show that professional photography attracts 61% viewers on average as compared to the point-and-click one. This translates to higher earnings to vendors because they can command higher prices for their properties.

How Real Estate Image Editing Helps Increase Sales

Real Estate Agents
Prospects Attraction
Increase in Sale
Using Raw Photos
Using Professional & Edited Photos
Using Brochure Only

The first impression a professionally crafted picture of properties is very crucial in driving and maintaining the interest of buyers. It is also shows the professionalism and marketing expertise of the real estate agency handling the transaction, a guarantee of its reliability in the real estate marketing business and this attracts more clients.

Image Before and After
Image Before and After

Real estate photo editing service meets the prospect buyers’ high visual expectation, short attention span, and their demand for clear and instant information. Before they are enticed to schedule an appointment to see a property, buyers often prefer to view the property first online and this can be done with the professional photography of the site.

Incidentally, professional photographer in real estate photo editing is not just about using an expensive camera. The ability of a photographer to capture the property at its best demands special skill. A real estate photographer is also a “visual stager”. He should be able to take an image that presents each room in the ideal way, even if the rooms are empty.

Shopping for a home online is a stressful exercise for property buyers. They have to make snap decisions based on the brief impressions the pictures give. This is where the important role of professional real estate photography helps to make prospective buyers take the next step in buying the property --- to entice them to see the house in person which comprises more than half of the process towards successful selling!

Software that can help you edit Photos


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