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The Rose has Played a Significant Part Throughout History

Updated on January 19, 2010

For the centuries, mankind has held the rose as a especially important flower, giving it a lofty position within societies throughout the globe. However, this flower is quite a bit older than mankind as a whole. In fact, fossil examinations show that roses have been in existence for 35, 000, 0000 years. Now there are an excess of one hundred and fifty different species of rose and these are spread all throughout the Earth's Northern Hemisphere. It remains believed that these flowers were first gardened by those in China approximately 5 millenniums ago. Ancient Rome is where the first gardens of roses were established and there is where they came to be associated with royalty.

Later, roses would be a symbol for a great many kinds of cultural struggles, even the 'War of the Roses' in early England. All through history, roses were often very important to people in lofty places due to their immense strong visual appeal. These flowers in the past were highly regarded and fervently appreciated due to the fact that they provided such a sensitive and yet strong addition of color and majesty to any area in which they were raised. In the arts, these flowers were a popular theme because they were often one of the best flowers in painting, the first tradition of art to rise and gain a global following. Even now, paintings of the rose are extremely popular and especially sought after by many art collectors.

In legends, roses have been a widely used symbol, including both the thorns and flower. The flower has come to be indicative of innocence and beauty but the thorns were seen as the guards of this beauty. Take a look at this flower here: доставка цветов по России. In earlier times, women also employed segments of roses to ease their monthly pains thus roses have become a significant medicine in herbal remedies, too. This is a large part of the rose's power; it has had a lot of meanings over time and has now become a highly important symbol of courtship, also.

Of course, once folks began to discover the pleasures of home gardens, the rose had become a premiere blossom to pick. A lot of variations of roses were made till there were many hues and a lot of varying shapes to pick from. All of them it is easy to find: доставка цветов по Петербургу. Nowadays, gardeners around the planet hold the rose to be the most excellent flower to be raised because not only does it smell sweet and have really attractive blossoms, it makes a good present for any event. This is the reason the mass of people are fond of roses and as you might witness, without it our history wouldn't be as colorful.

Roses have a very interesting past and still are a very important part of a lot of customs throughout the planet.


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    • profile image

      masmasika 7 years ago

      I love roses. They are so far the loveliest flowers to me. Good share.

    • D.A.L. profile image

      Dave 8 years ago from Lancashire north west England

      sendflower thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. As you are aware the rose is and always will be a flower that will find a home in English gardens. I have made countless preparations using rose petals. One of my favourite roses is the yellow "Peace"


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