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The Simple Life Is No Longer Simple

Updated on November 28, 2011

Life On A Farm

I was raised on a farm in Durham, North Carolina where my dad raised tobacco. There were eighteen rambling acres of land for me to roam and explore. It seems so long ago and then other times it seems like yesterday.

I find myself wandering back in time to that old farm quite often. I remember picking blackberries, strawberries, chasing butterflies, climbing trees and just living the carefree life without one worry to cloud my mind.

Entertaining myself was so easy. We had a menagerie of animals and I named and loved each and every one from our milk cow, Cherry, to the stubborn old mule, Clyde. There were pigs, cows, horses, geese, dogs, cats, chickens, two pet squirrels, and my pet rooster, Chopper. They were my companions and if per chance I happened to get bored, I was surrounded by cousins who would come to my rescue.

It did not take much to make me happy. There were no video games, no Ipods, scooters, dvd's no cable and only two channels to watch on television. But, I did not miss any of these things. How could I? They did not exist. Instead, I played with Barbies (yes they have been here since the beginning of time:) and baby dolls and of course I had a playhouse with all the "modern" furniture a child could want. I even had a kitchen and my frig and stove weren't plastic. Oh, no. They were metal. Many happy days were spent in that little doll house. As I would pretend to cook and play house, I would dream of the day when I would become all grown up. How I wanted to quickly grow up and be an adult. Little did I know what would lie in store for me and how different my life would be.

Many things have changed since those days on the farm. . Now, I dream by a computer or perhaps on the sofa of going back to those precious days of my long ago childhood. How interesting life is to me. When I was a child I wanted to be an adult and now that I am an adult, what I wouldn't give to be a child again, if only for a day. The simple life will never be simple again. How I miss it.


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