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The Sonic Drive-In Nightmare For Hungry Impatient People - Comparison to McDonalds

Updated on July 3, 2011

I live on Long Island and Sonic Drive In just opened up in my area. It is the first Sonic location on the island and people are flocking all over the place just to try it.

Ok, that is great and Sonic has been advertising on local television stations for years and they finally just sold a franchise on Long Island. Those commercials were driving me nuts for years with those tasty blur slushie drinks.

Ok, so now I take my daughter to Sonic and the line of cars just to get into the parking lot is 35 minutes out.

Is it worth the wait? Watch this video and find out:

Check out the 2 mile long line of cars in this video.

A markersonic deer park long island -
Deer Park, NY, USA
get directions

Long Island's first Sonic location...

I think Sonic needs to widen their parking lot and make more spaces available. The line of cars is too long and when you are hungry, you just don't like waiting forever. 32 minutes seems like forever when you are hungry. Not to mention the gas I waste sitting there.

Compared to McDonalds, the food is more expensive and is ok tasting, nothing special.

Comparing Sonic To McDonalds

Wait to be served during busy hours
35 to 45 minutes
5 to 10 minutes
Food Quality on scale of 1 to 10
Catering to Children
Wacky Pack
Hapy Meal
Variety of food on scale of 1 to 10

If you are located in one of the areas where Sonic is now coming into existence and the franchisors are finally waking up to this fast food gold mine, I suggest going once. Everyone I talk to says the line of cars is long in the beginning but the drive thru is quick.

Sonic's selection is slushies is excellent. I have had the blue powerade, blue coconut slushee, cranberry, lemonberry, lime, and grape. I still have 10 more to try.

I also like Sonic's new hot dog selection and they have 4 varieties loaded with all types of stuff.

Bottom Line

If you like good fast food, give Sonic a try, but not when you are in a rush, You will be there for a while. Go when you have free time to spare.

Since it is summer, get on of their delicious slushees and order one of their famous hot dogs or chili-tater tots.

If you are in a rush, McDonalds is fine.


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