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The Towel Bar Re Invented: How my kids destroyed the bathroom towel bar and I saved it with a fun, cute DIY

Updated on April 26, 2012

Door Knobs as Towel Holders

the door knobs on the wall
the door knobs on the wall | Source
Glue adds strength to my un- anchored project
Glue adds strength to my un- anchored project | Source
the door knobs in action
the door knobs in action | Source

The Towel Bar Lost the Toddler Battle

My towel bar in the kids bathroom didn't survive two toddlers. I put it up less than a year ago and anchored it solidly into the wall. I thought it was there to stay until my darling 2 yr old decided swinging on towels was a fun activity. Down came the towels, toddler, and all.

That left me with an UGLY spot in the wall and no way to fix it. Of course this all happened about two weeks after I closed up the other side of that wall from my laundry room project. I ignored the mess for a long time - much too long to have a whole in my wall and no where to hand towels.

Let's be honest though that towel bar only really held one nice towel and was rarely actualy used for the kids towels or to hang up anything of use.

I searched the Internet high and low for some other solution that would look nice in this bathroom. I didn't want to have to buy an entire sheet of drywall to replace the small spot that needed to be patched and I didn't want to have to repaint the whole room because eventually I really need to gut the room.

So I got crafty and creative. I decided that dummy doorknobs would cover the spot on the wall perfectly with me having to repair the wall. Also I had two spots because the bathroom has a skylight and the paint behind the towel bar was faded.

I wanted nice silver dummy doorknobs. I also wanted this to be a cheap project so hubby didn't get mad that I was being too crafty and it would have been cheaper to repair and repaint. The gold door knows were $4 each and the silver $13 each - hmmmm. So I bought the gold and a can of silver spray paint ($3).

I sprayed the door knob silver. Let them dry for an hour or two and then brought them into the bathroom. I should mention I decided on three door knob two for the spots that were essential to cover the holes and paint and one for the middle. I used a power grab glue to secure the doorknobs onto the wall and then used my favorite electric screw driver to finish them off.

My kids now have three places to hang towel in their bathroom. We use the knobs more than we ever used the towel bar. It is funstional and the kids have no problem hanging up their towel.s I do have to add that the towels with hoods stay on the knobs extremely well.

Also they were up for at least two days before my husband noticed that the bathroom had been fixed. After he told me that he really liked the way the bathroom looked I admitted t my crafty DIY. For less than $20 I was able to save the wall and time from redoing the whole room.


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    • kthix10 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from IL

      Thanks for your comment. If you could find the oval doorknobs for cheap they would work even better.

    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 

      8 years ago from Dubai

      Great idea, and convenient to hang towels.

    • kthix10 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from IL

      Thanks! I wish I had taken a before picture of the mess

    • bankscottage profile image

      Mark Shulkosky 

      8 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Great Hub and really great practical idea. I bet the towel knob design makes it into the bathroom re-do.


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