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Best Stair Lift Chair Choices

Updated on October 8, 2012

Keep Loved Ones Safe

As a homeowner, most people will agree that the safety of the people living in that home is a top priority. For those who have a disabled adult, child, or an elderly family member, stairs can be difficult, if not impossible, for that person. Stair lift chairs come in a variety of models, makes and designs, and could be just what you need to help protect those you love.

There are a few points to consider when choosing and purchasing a stair lift chair, first being which kind of lift is suitable for that person. Chair lifts can be used standing, sitting, or for those in a wheelchair. Chair lifts also come in different sizes and should be bought to fit the user. The controls on the various models can be purchased according to the user's medical condition or age.

Seated Chair Lifts

Seated stair lifts are the most common type of stair lifts purchased for inside the home. Many people who purchase a two-story home at a young age find that getting to the second floor is sometimes becomes difficult as they get older. Causes are just the usual signs of aging, yet some people will opt for selling their beloved home and purchase a single story home just to avoid stairs.

Seated stair lifts are ideal for those folks who can manage walking around without assistance, yet find that getting up & down stairs is no longer as easy as it once was. Many of this type of lifts come with swivel seats and armrests which lift to make getting in and out of the chair easier. These lifts also come with a safety belt and are for the person who does not require assistance in and out of the chair.

Standing Stair Lifts

Standing, or perching stair lifts are a good choice for someone with arthritic knees or joint pain who finds that getting in and out of a seated position is more difficult than standing.

Other people who may find that one of these two types of standing stair lifts is suitable for their needs include: those who can walk, stand, or walk with the aid of a cane; those who cannot bend their knees due to arthritis or other medical or physical problem; or someone in a cast or brace that will not allow the knees to bend.

Standing lifts are ideal for narrow stairways where a seated chair lift may be too bulky and take up too much room, making the stairs impassable for others.

Wheelchair Stair Lifts

Wheelchair stair lifts are also called vertical platform lifts, or vertical lifts, and are for those people whose mobility is dependent upon the aid of a wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair should not determine whether or not to keep, or purchase, a two-story home.

Wheelchair stair lifts can be installed in the home just as the other types of stair lifts. All stair lifts can be found to work on curved stairways, staircases with more than one landing, or stairs with corners. These lifts come with an inclined platform, making rolling on and off the platform easily.



The advantages to having a stair lift in the home far outweigh the disadvantages for those who really need them. Some disadvantages could include: price, increase in power bill, damage to stairway, removal of railings, and sometimes the repair wait times. 

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      Lift Chairs 6 years ago

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    • profile image

      Rika 6 years ago

      Good stair lift hub. I had to use one for a long time and really appreciated having it available. Would have been lost without it. What bothers me is that they are so expensive. We were lucky enough to find a good second hand lift, but would never have been able to afford a new one. I think so many folks who need this, can't buy one. It is a pity that there aren't less expensive models available.