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The Victorian Bathroom Salon

Updated on August 12, 2008

Your Victorian Bathroom - Things To Research

There are several things that you need to do when you are planning to create a Victorian bathroom for your home. These include the following:

Do some general research

Lists List Lists!

Visit antique shops & flea markets

Compare online and offline prices

Do some general research

The best way to conduct your research is to look through books and magazines. There is plenty of written information about the Victorian era so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Make a scrap book for all the photos that you gather from magazines for reference.

Lists Lists Lists

From all your reading material, make a list of the products you will need for your bathroom. Make sure you list everything and be specific about the type of products you want to use to create your perfect room. When writing, for example, “one bath” be as detailed as possible. Write down the exact type of bath you want. And taps, do want gold or chrome? Do you want individual taps or a mixer/shower combination? The devil is in the detail.

Visit antique shops and flea markets

Get online and find out the location of any antique stores in your area. Now that you have some research to refer to, you will now know what type of things you like and what you dislike. This should be seen as a fact finding mission. You need to see the products in real life to confirm that you are happy with your initial design.

You can also make a note of the range of prices for original Victorian bathroom fittings and then go along to any flea markets in your area where if you are very lucky, you may find authentic bathroom furniture on offer at bargain prices.

Compare online and offline prices

You have now collected all your information. You have photos and press cuttings of the things you would like to include in your bathroom and you now have prices from antique stores. Go online and discover what the prices are for all of your listed items. You may be pleasantly surprised and find some good offers.

If you follow these tips, you will definitely be one step closer to creating your perfect Victorian bathroom.


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