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The Vintage Charm of Pink Curtains

Updated on July 11, 2010

Pink is a color useful for a nostalgic effect to many people because of its gentle and almost motherly overtones, and its old-fashioned quality when utilized in the proper style. A quiet pink seldom fails to take the mind back to some quiet place in their memories, and a pair of pale pink curtains softly diffusing the light from a sunny window can create an atmosphere not unlike an old Midwestern farmhouse in some people’s minds, or a Victorian drawing room in others’. This meditative, time-spanning quality makes the hue ideal for evoking a vintage charm of old fashioned innocence.

How can a simple pair of colored curtains achieve such a feat? Undoubtedly, it achieves it in part through the virtue of the color pink and its traditional association with innocence and youth. Often labeled a “feminine color,” it is often likewise grouped with other descriptive words prone to be linked with the feminine class--particularly according to old-fashioned standards of femininity--such as “gentility,” “innate sweetness,” and “innocence”. It is also likely thought of as an “innocent” color because it is a common shade amongst Spring flowers, and Spring is naturally a time of birth and babies. The overall result is that this shade hearkens one back in time to childhood—an “age of innocence.”

The vintage capabilities of this curtain color are also apparent simply because it was very popular in bygone eras, especially in lighter tones. One can easily picture the color in soft pink and brown curtains of lace as an embellishment of gentility in Victorian ballrooms, or a needed mark of softness in the form of pink gingham curtains in an American colonial or pioneer family’s home, and it certainly continued as a staple shade when pale pastels reigned supreme in the American 1950s. Of course, this is not to say that this color has ever really fallen out of favor, because, truly, it has nearly always been popular. Nonetheless, when combined with the right kind of accompanying décor, such as a bit of old fashioned eyelet trim or a nearby rocking chair, this hue is undeniably appropriate to an historical effect.

Whichever setting or era you may choose to transport yourself back to with paint, furniture, carpets and curtains, your rose-colored drapes will at the very least always lend a sense of gentleness to your surroundings, and give you a very comfortable atmosphere to live or work in. The color’s dependability as a lovely, respectable and usually home-like addition make pink curtains a likewise dependably lovely choice not only as a so-called “old fashioned” décor statement of olden times, but as a great choice for any time or era. In the end, it really is timeless.

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