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The Weirdest Tree on the Earth

Updated on January 6, 2012

An article tells about a story of wonderful tree

It is said that this tree appeared on the surface of Earth around 50 million years ago. It is found on Socotra, a Yemeni Island, which has become a natural reserve due to the rare animals and plants it has. Dam AL-Akhwein Tree – the brothers’ blood- is one of the most important plants there. It is also found in the mountains of Dhofar in Oman. This tree grows in rocky ground and high places. It can significantly withstand drought and this is due to the ability to hold water for many years.

Th Dragon's Blood Tree is another name of this wonderful tree. It has been used to treat so many kinds of diseases and wounds. Many of great doctors like Ibn Sina mentioned this tree in disease treatment. It can stop the internal bleeding of the body. It can be used in many useful industries like varnish, marble, ointment, ink and many other ones. People on the island use it to decorate their houses.

This tree was given such a name according to the legend which tells the story of the first drop of blood between the two brothers: Cain and Abel. Those two brothers were the first who lived on this island. And as the legend says this tree has appeared after the first crime in the history happened as well as the first drop of blood fell onto the ground. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this tree has been a holy one in the old ages of The Assyrians and The Pharaohs.


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    • Alice in Wonder profile image

      Alice in Wonder 6 years ago from South Texas

      Enjoyed the history of this tree. Very informative, voted up!!! Thank You, Sir.

    • lobobrandon profile image

      Brandon Lobo 6 years ago

      Interesting tree