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The Wisdom of Having Walk In Shower Wet Rooms Installed by Professionals

Updated on November 23, 2010

Many homeowners are having their second bathrooms converted into walk in shower wet rooms. This is an effective way to open up a small bathroom and give added convenience to a limited space. Because of the easy maintenance, efficiency, handicap accessibility and the fact that they are totally waterproof, a wet room design can also add considerable value to a home. With so many people considering the installation of one of these shower rooms in their home, just exactly what is the importance of having a professional install it? What are the advantages and is it a project that a do-it-yourselfer should jump into?

For starters, it is crucial to make sure that all the wall surfaces and the flooring beneath the tile are completely waterproof. In addition, the design that is chosen must provide proper water drainage to eliminate the possibility of standing water. Special sealants and materials, along with a professional level of expertise are absolutely necessary in achieving a properly functioning wet shower room. If a DIY homeowner has the proper skills and is up to such a technical challenge it is entirely possible that it will turn out fine. But there are dire consequences to water damage from leaks in an improperly installed floor that could make a DIY enthusiast cringe.

Professional installation is distinctly recommended because of the required proficiency, special procedures and specific materials. To ensure faultless waterproofing and provide proper water drainage, homeowners should always hire professional contractors with experience in this type of installation. Some of the professional trades that should be considered are a plumber, tile contractor and a flat roofer, but to simplify it and in order to make sure it is done properly, hiring a company that specializes in these installations is a wise decision. As any long term homeowner can attest to, water leaks can prove to be among the most disagreeable of construction failures. Repair often means gutting the entire installation and starting over with fresh waterproofing materials.

Walk in shower wet rooms are definitely becoming more popular every day and because of the need for proper water drainage, special sealants and materials, as well as the qualifications of skilled installers, it is easy to see why it is important that homeowners employ the services of professional contractors. With the help and knowledge of a reputable installation company, homeowners can have their second bathroom fashioned into a wet room shower and start enjoying the open sense of space that this type of bathing provides.

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