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The Wonderful & Indispensable Bathroom Mirror

Updated on March 20, 2011

Bathroom Mirror Is A Must For Every Bathroom

Typically a bathroom mirror is considered a need of functionality rather than a decorative item, so most people forget about the bathroom mirror when considering their bathroom décor options. However they are worthy of careful attention as a gorgeous bathroom mirror can transform your dull space, and create a style unique only to you.

When planning your bathroom décor, choosing a mirror can be a very important step. The bathroom mirror is most often the very first thing a person sees when entering the bathroom.

How To Select A Bathroom Mirror

There are many design options available for bathroom mirrors, so it's easy to find something that will complement your décor. Some of the design choices include framed, country cottage, rustic, wrought iron, traditional and modern. A decorative bathroom mirror is not only functional, but it also adds style to the bathroom

What would you do in the morning without your bathroom mirror?
What would you do in the morning without your bathroom mirror?

With the many options of shape and style available, how do you choose the right bathroom mirror? Here are a few helpful ideas to consider:

  • Measure your space! Measure the width and height of your dedicated wall area to give you an idea of the maximum sized bathroom mirror that will fit. Be sure to take your measurements with you when go shopping.
  • Looking through magazines and catalogues will help you pick out a style of bathroom mirror that will suit your décor. When you see a style you like, clip the picture out and take it the store with you when picking out your mirror.
  • If you're planning on getting a framed bathroom mirror, consider which color you will choose. You want something that matches or complements your tile or counter tops.
  • If you're still unsure which style of bathroom mirror you would prefer, visit your local department store to see what options are available. Once you've picked out a mirror, look for other decorative items that will complement it.
  • When you get your bathroom mirror home, follow the instructions carefully when hanging it up. This will ensure your mirror is secured properly to the wall.

The infinite variety of bathroom mirrors
The infinite variety of bathroom mirrors

A Bathroom Mirror Is Functional & Stylish

Imagine your home amplified in perceived size by a pretty wall mirror, or a stunning full length mirror. There are many types of mirrors that can give the illusion of greater space in your residence or office: an alluring full-length mirror, exquisite vanity mirrors, an appealing large mirror, immense large mirrors, a charming round mirror, a delightful floor mirror, an eye-catching antique mirror, a glamorous make up mirror, or if you don't have a lot of space, how about an elegant compact mirror?

There are many styles of bathroom vanity mirror whether you want a large bathroom mirror or not. There are oval bathroom mirrors, or you can choose from a round bathroom mirror, decorative bathroom mirror, or a hanging bathroom mirror. Bathroom mirror frames are an integral part as you can select from a framed bathroom mirror or a frameless bathroom mirror. Bathroom wall mirrors come in an endless variety!

A massive, framed bathroom mirror sets off the entire room
A massive, framed bathroom mirror sets off the entire room

Plan For Your Bathroom Mirror

 A well planned bathroom layout that has mirrors to suit the space's style provides a tranquil retreat. Proper lighting and and extra storage behind the mirror makes getting ready in the morning a pleasant task.

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    • nrgmirrordefogger profile image

      nrgmirrordefogger 6 years ago from Shanghai

      Every bathroom must a clear bathroom mirror,even the steam free mirror.

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      I moved into a new house in Florida that had a bathroom mirror that stretched the entire length and height of the bathroom, almost 15 feet long. It was amazing. The first time the housekeeper cleaned it, she used a dirty rag which apparently had a little sharp pebble in it and put a diagonal horizonal scratch right at eye level straight across the whole damn mirror! :(

    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 8 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      nice ..I always wish to have a full size mirror in my bathroom