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The Amazing Gift of You're Mind.

Updated on September 21, 2015

Monday, January 31, 2011.

Take for example the simple task of standing up. It is easy to do it. A man can do it. A mouse can do it. Nature has provided awesome abilities .

So much is put into small things by nature. Some would say nature, and others would say evolution, however living things are remarkable.

Do you know how difficult it would be to create, and ant that could crawl . There are no computers are advanced devices that could create one.

Some of the most brilliant minds that were ever born were once considered common. It was said that Albert Einstein was not brilliant in school, but now it has been said that he was a genius.

What can you do ? You can do most anything you really put you're mind to wanting to do.

There is no computer , or tool in the world that could create, and insect. It would take advanced sophisticated knowledge to program a computer into creating a living thing.

We are always looking for proof of how life was created, or formed. Anything living is usually complicated. No one knows everything , but I do know we are not simple by a long shot.

We can do a lot of things that some people say we can not do. Medical doctors are always being surprised by discoveries.

Maybe God is a kind of science. There is so much we do not understand about so many things, and of ourselves.

You could be the class clown , and tomorrow invent the wheel again. There are a lot of things that we do that are fantastic every single day of our lives.

Never tell someone that he, or she can not sing. Everyone can . Everyone sings in different ways, and may create different sounds. It just takes the right music, or songs, or self confidence, or even some voice training. You can do it. You could climb the highest mountain if that is truly what you want to do.

You could write a book in one day. You could write a volume of books in a month. The mind never stops working until you stop breathing. Anything you say, or do, or think about, or wonder about, or fantasize about could be you're fuel . If you want something bad enough, you can accomplish it .

I do not like it when some people say bad things regarding the abilities of others .It is the worst thing that could ever be done to anyone.

I was a little child that never opened my mouth because I was afraid I would say something wrong, and why, because I was afraid of the big people around me.

Long ago I remember hearing a politician that said there are a lot of young men , and women that are working in the fields that could be doctors, or lawyers if only they would have had the right opportunities.

He was not entirely correct because we can create opportunities if being a doctor , or lawyer is what we really want to be.

I like good moms because they are encouraging, and the best ones provide their children with confidence from the start . For every brilliant mind , there is encouragement behind it. No one deserves to be called a failure. We do not fail, we only often give up too soon .

My wife was a young girl. For thirty five years she lifted ,and carried our little girl, our daughter that never walked. My wife never stopped lifting Becky . My wife had a mother's love , for her child , and that gave her strength, and determination.

My wife is why I wrote a book about her, and our little girl Becky.

I have seen three hundred pound men that did not have the determination that my wife had in order to help Becky .

Never tell us what we can not do because we can do anything that we are determined to do.


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