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The Wonders of Artificial Rocks in a Garden

Updated on April 30, 2013

Artificial rocks can be used in any garden for improving the landscape or they can be used to balance out the appearance of your garden. They are light weight, attractive, and come in many shapes and sizes, not to mention colors. Since they are hollow, even the kids can move them around.

They will blend easily in with any shrubs, trees, even waterfalls in the back or front yard. They look real and are fast becoming popular instead of using real rocks, which not only cost much more than but they can’t be moved once they are in place. Using these you can make pathways, rivers, streams, and many other things such as boundary lines and utility markers.

You can anchor them to the ground so wind storms don’t throw them around or if you don’t want the kids moving them. A great way to decorate your yard to create a visual display of nature. They also last as long as real rocks, so you won’t have to replace them. You can also use them to cover up the imperfection in your yard such as a pipe or drain hole.

They are made of durable resin and rock particles which are lightweight, so they can be moved when the mood takes you. Artificial rocks are great for a movable garden. They can be used to make a river or stream run through your yard, or in a waterfall attached to a pond or swimming pool to let nature shine through. The fake rocks look natural even if they are set by themselves in the middle of your lawn.

They also make a charming light holders for lighting those tough areas. Since they do come in varying sizes and shapes, they can be installed anywhere for a natural look. Some models can also be used as filter covers for backyard ponds or pools with waterfalls. They enhance any yard or pool area with a look of nature. You can drill holes in them to install a spot light or even a gnome sitting on top of a rock.

One of the best ideas you can use artificial rocks for is making a tranquil area in your yard for relaxing. They also make wonderful seats in the playground area or around a BBQ pit. There are any number of things you can do with these. They cost much less than real ones and they are easily moved when the mood takes you.


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