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The autonomous lawn mower

Updated on July 10, 2012

The autonomous lawn mower

It would be odd to find someone that likes to do any type of chore but one chore stands out in my mind. Mowing the lawn has for a long time haunted plenty of summers and the back gardens of every house at times even the front yard needs a grooming as well.

Unfortunately this problem meant that many people would either have a very untidy patch of garden or lawn. Or they would have to undergo the tedious task of mowing the lawn which as we all know involves walking around a very small area in a square-like motion. It gets worse however because if you are not willing to spend huge bucks on an electric motor chances are the chore is very loud. Not only that but if you also use petrol lawn mower then you would have to get petrol for it.

Well not any more it seems with a brand new invention conveniently named the autonomous lawn mower which was recently engineered by an ex engineer named Hubert Pissavin. Hubert Pissavin’s the gardens saviour from what is a beautifully engineered and inexpensive lawn mower that is self driving. The lawn mower does not need any petrol as it is based on a rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries meaning no long trips to the petrol staition.

Strangely enough it only took someone two weeks to build this life saver of a boring chore. Begging the question why didn’t someone think of this sooner. Hubert’s motivation for building this was because he wanted to find a way of getting out of doing his least favourite chore. The lawn mower, built out of a simple box shape chassis made from simple wood material which im sure when/if put into a commercial scene would be changed to a material more cost effective and safe.

With four motorized wheels and a spinning blade , the battery powered device only moves in straight line until it strikes an obstacle which then activates a mechanism that moves the mower back a few feet until it stops and turns it left or right 30 degrees dependent on the last turn and it will continue to do this for an hour.

Although this a prototype and it is not yet mass production it would be lovely to see a version of this hitting the shops. But until health and safety has been looked at and the actual device rigorously tested there won't be much luck in that.

This shows what someone can do with a little spare time and motivation from a deterrent such as a chore. Keep an eye out for updates of this invention as it could help you escape at least one of your boring chores very soon in the new feature.


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