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Mosquito Killers - Which is the best?

Updated on September 12, 2011

Nothing ruins the enjoyment of outdoor living more than being continuously attacked by bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Their menacing attention can’t help but leave you, your family and your guests in a constant state of paranoia waiting for the next bite.

Thankfully, it is now possible to reclaim your outdoor living areas using what must be the best mosquito killer on the market – the mosquito trap. But first, let’s dispel a couple of myths about what is a good mosquito killer:

Citronella isn’t a mosquito killer!

Citronella oil is a product that is derived from a certain types of plants and is widely known for its mosquito repelling properties. However, ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you how ineffectual and inconvenient citronella is.

The truth is that citronella is only effective in high concentrations, and most of the citronella delivery devices sold today do not provide a sufficient concentration of citronella to make any difference. Citronella candles don’t do much other than stink! If you were limiting your range of movement so that you remained cemented directly in a candles’ smoke then you would probably deter mosquitoes (and conversation), however the reality is that the whole idea of outdoor living is to give you freedom of movement and it’s impossible for a citronella candle or burner to provide anything other than a very superficial deterrent.


The all-time bestselling mosquito killer on

Deet isn’t a mosquito killer!

Deet is marketed as a mosquito repellent and not a mosquito killer. Why? This is because Deet simply interferes with the mosquito’s senses, masking your natural scent and disguising the fact that your exposed arm is a succulent tasty meal for Mrs Mosquito.

Deet is effective as a repellent, and this is fine if you want to keep yourself and your family continuously coated. However, Deet doesn’t actively kill mosquitoes – they simply fly around until they have a clear head and find another unprotected target. The better solution is to kill the mosquito, as this will prevent it feeding and breeding and you won’t be facing the same menace from its offspring next week.


Argghhh! Stop this happening - buy a mosquito killer!

Effective Mosquito killer devices

Female mosquitoes (the only ones that bite) can live for a month, and can reproduce very quickly – a new generation of mosquitoes can go from egg to adult in 7 days. So if you simply repel mosquitoes rather than kill them, you are likely to be facing a wave of hungry new recruits week after week.

Because most mosquitoes have less than 100 yards range, if you can effectively kill all mosquitoes within a 100 yards radius of your house, you are unlikely to face an influx of new mosquitoes from other areas.

There are generally two types of mosquito killer devices on the market:

  • Mosquito traps
  • Mosquito zappers


The best mosquito killer – a Mosquito Trap

The best mosquito killer for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors or who wants to enjoy their evening on the porch in blissful peace is a mosquito trap. Mosquito Traps decimate mosquito populations by attracting their attention away from human targets through use of a specially design attractive scent in combination with U.V light.

The scent, called Ocetenol, simulates the smell of human perspiration and lures the mosquitoes towards the U.V emitting trap where they are caught in a liquid trap. Ocetenol is a safe substance and has been approved for both inside and outdoor use, and is safe for use around children and pets.

A mosquito trap that uses Ocetenol can be pricey, however there it is possible to get good deals online and it is a device that will last a lifetime. A mosquito killer such as a mosquito trap can ensure you get full enjoyment from outdoors living.


The next best mosquito killer

The nest best mosquito killer available is the tried and tested mosquito zapper. This device works in a similar way to a mosquito trap however simply uses intense U.V light to attract its prey. This U.V light is very strong and can attract mosquitoes from a long distance.

Reclaim your back yard, porch and swimming pool with an effective mosquito killer!


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