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The best vacuum for your money

Updated on July 18, 2012

Looking for a new vacuum?

If you are looking for a new vacuum this tax season, you might be wondering which brand would be the best to spend your money. The good news is that I can help you and the better news is that the best vacuum won't cost you that much. The bad news is that you will have to find something else to waste that money on that has been burning a hole in your pocket.

I clean houses with pets, carpets, hardwood floors, and sometimes glass ground into the carpets everyday. I can clean up to five houses in a normal work day (and yes it is exhausting.) I have used just about every vacuum out there on the market, some are heavy and just about all of them are awkward to carry. We use "commercial vacuums" in many cases but there are houses that insist that their vacuums are better so we "have" to use their vacuums. In the world of vacuums "commercial" just means that the company is charging you an extra $200-$500 dollars for the word commercial to appear on the vacuum. Some of the regular walmart, target, and k-mart carried vacuums that range up to $50 work just as well as the $500 "top of the line" vacuums.

Here are some of the things to consider when looking for a vacuum. If you are planning on buying a vacuum to last you for awhile then you should check into the price of replacement bags, belts, beater bars (brushes), and filters. There are now models with washable filters, these can save money in the long run. Another money saving option overtime is the bagless version of vacuums (these are great for homes with pets.) Beater bars are often cheaper than buying another vacuum, even on a Dyson the brush bar is $22 dollars.

Okay so let's talk about the popular brands. Orecks, ah the light vacuum... it is light but a pain in the bottom to guide on the floor as the head will rotate on its own, but don't worry a dyson (especially the ball models) are worse to guide. These are the two of the most over priced vacuums on the market. Hoover, dirt devil, and bissell use the standard steering methods. Orecks have great suction and powerful brushes, but most still use the vacuum bags which can really add up overtime. Plus you will need a separate small canister vacuum to do any stairs in your house. Orecks really aren't worth the money that you are about to throw away on this product.

Now on to dyson, this is a vacuum that coined the term "drunk vacuuming". It is hard to maneuver and the suction is not that impressive. When you turn it on you can see the bar moving but as far as its claim that the filter-less system is better for long term suction is completely void as I would love to see the day that you bought it suction impress me. Verdict: buy this vacuum if you like to hurt your back while vacuuming and love chasing little specs of dirt across the floor.

Riccar is the vacuum that my business uses. They are okay but for the cost you expect so much more. Most of our crews honestly lovingly calls them junk.

Hoover, hmm "no body does it like you"? really? this is their claim? Have they ever used another brand before? There is nothing to write home about with this type of vacuum. The suction and better bars just leave so much to be desired.

Dirl devil, I used to use this brand and thought I was cleaning my house. Everything I used to own was a dirt devil. The vacuums seem to be reasonably priced and they have what sounds like a decent amount of power. This vacuum brand would my second pick.

Kenmoore, blah and that is all that I will say about that brand. Kirby and electrolux are both great brands if you can afford them and prefer the canister type of vacuum. However the very best brand that I have found is the Bissell. I do not use a high cost model. I have found the Easy-Vac which is a pro-force mini-me is amazing. The price is just under $50, it is light weight and it sucks up pet hair from the deepest parts of your carpet. You will literally be watching lines of pet hair come up under your vacuum. It is bag-less and the filters are washable, the belts come in a pack of two for $1.98, and just about all of the replacement parts are under $20.

Here are some need to know tips for care and maintenance of which ever vacuum you chose. If your vacuum is used weekly the belt needs to be replaced every 6 months or after 26 uses. If your vacuum is used weekly you should also replace your brush bar every two years or after 104 uses. Your bag will have to be replaced every time it gets full which can be as often as after each use.

Whatever you chose, do not spend over $150 dollars on a vacuum.


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