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The coolest games room accessories

Updated on December 31, 2012

Remodeling a games room with accessories

If you are looking for ideas for games room accessories or to just get an idea of what you could do to turn an unused area of your house into the fun room then read on, there are plenty of different things you can do to accessories your games room.

The first thing you need to understand is that a games room is a recreational area and not a functional area, such as the kitchen, laundry, bathroom or bed rooms. The games room is an area you can go to for enjoyment activities. Keep this point firmly in mind when making decisions about your games room accessories, and you will likely get the best result for your efforts. I am a firm believer that if you know what you want to achieve then it makes the process of reaching that achievement so much easier. I have used this approach in my games room a few times now as my life has changed over the years. My specific reasons have been that a) my kids are growing up and their needs change as well as my own, b) i got bored and didn't use the room as much (especially with a pool table), and c) technology is ever changing and is affordable, my recent approach was to take advantage of new technology to remodel my games room more as a adults area designed to entertain visitors but with the ability to still have the whole family utilize the room.

Remodeling a games room is a little bit different to other areas of the house, there are two main factors to consider, a) the games room accessories are usually removable and therefore not included in the value of your home. This is not the case for other rooms in the house. b) The games room is an area you should break out to where you can have some fun, it should be a smiles room, other rooms in the house are for function, kitchen for cooking, laundry for washing and so on.

So when i am think about games room accessories i got through a quick process of asking myself a few questions.

Question 1) Who will use the room? It might be the entire family, just adults, just children, entertaining with visitors, or a combination of all. Age groups are an important consideration here.

Question 2) How those people use the room? Another way to ask this question is, how will the people use the room get their enjoyment for the time they spend in the room? Varying interests is probably the most important consideration for this question.

If its family reasons then you will want to think about what activities you enjoy together as a family, watching movies, playing board games, or other games like charades, or just sitting around talking.

If your games room will mostly be setup for visitors then you might like to have a few discussion points, novelty items, sporting memorabilia, or artwork are all great choices.

Make your games room a nice place to spend your time

You want to be comfortable in your games room, hopefully it will become a retreat where you can forget about the problems of day to day life.

What works well for me is neutral colours on the walls, and variable lighting (which includes the ability to block out the sunlight with heavy curtains or blinds). With the right use of colour and lighting you can make feature items (wall hanging memorabilia, furniture etc) stand out or set the mood. Lighting is an important consideration depending on your needs, lamps are fantastic for their ability to change colour and illumination intensity, additionally there are easy to move and come in many different styles (focused beam for example), Lastly lamps in themselves can be a featured item in a room.

Make your games room comfortable

If you are going to have seating in your games room, then aside from price there are two main considerations, style and comfort. If you shop around a little you can easily find both of these commodities in any price bracket. I prefer a reclining leather seat myself, and was pleasantly surprised when i discovered that comfort seating doesn't have to cost a lot.

Don't forget who is using the room, and what it is used for. If you will be consuming alcohol in the games room then why not store the alcohol there. You can incorporate either and mini fridge or a wine storage rack as a feature piece of furniture, great way to start a wine collection.

Games room accessories - notable items and discussion points

This is where you can really set your games room apart from the norm. The idea here is that 1 or 2 well placed items can add a special feeling to the room by drawing on peoples emotions. The simplest way to achieve this is by finding a nice big space on a wall and hanging something there. It could be some artwork, maybe some signed sporting memorabilia from your favorite team ( a flag, playing jumper, ball etc). If you have neutral colour walls and setup the lighting this could stand out well and become that discussion piece, or just make you happy looking at it. If you are considering a family portrait that certainly up to you, but i usually find there are better places in the house for that, remember this is a games room we are talking about.

The right centre piece item could be the main draw card to the room, how about a space invaders machine, a juke box with all the last hits and the old classic, a pool table or maybe a table hockey setup, or even a poker table.

Games and activities for all

I think this area is where i get the most out of my games room accessories. I can play games with my family, spending hours of quality time talking and laughing without being interrupted by television, ipods, ipads etc. As a family we enjoy lots of board games like monopoly, our favourite though has got to be a combine board and card game called Sequence its cheap and hours of fun for the whole family.

Another great game and a centre piece can be chess, there are many great chess boards from a design aspect (i like the glass boards), and who doesn't like the occasional chess game where you can match wits and strategy against a worthy opponent.

Musical instruments in the games room

This is a personal favourite of mine, as a wanna-be-rocker i can't go past the logical inclusion of my guitar set in the games room. Also great for me because a few of my friends also play guitar, so the games room becomes a great jam room. I have three guitars in all (just don't remind my wife i am hopeless at playing any of them), an acoustic Washburm, a cheap Fender telecaster copy, and the pride of my fleet an Ibanez ARZ800 Artist Series. This is a great activity for me, and if i could just convince my daughters to start practicing the keyboards or even take up the drums, lookout neighbours.

I find that playing guitar in the games room very relaxing, it helps with a comfortable couch, but also because i am totally relaxed every time i go into the games room. Remember a well setup games room helps you to forget about anything else that may be bothering you.

Load your games room with cheap technology

Entertainment technology is getting cheaper every day, its difficult to find a house these days without a large screen Televisions and accompanying gaming console(s). I have taken advantage of the cheap prices and have a large screen LED technology television, complete with a TiVo (recording free to air TV), Apple TV module (access iTunes movies), Pay per view broadcast module (for sports) and Playstation rounds my games room. With this setup we can sometimes spend all day in the games room with this setup. You can then control most of these items with a programmable infrared remote control unit.

Furnishing you games room

The last thing you can do to accessories your games room is to think about furnishing, where are you going to store your board games, place your drinks, support your television set. Also think about floor coverings, if your games room has a hard floor consider a floor rug. Television cabinets and coffee tables are also great additions to any games room.

In conclusion, there are many different ideas you can use, games room accessories are just that, to figure out the best way to obtain the maximum entertainment from your games room you will first have to understand who will be using the room and what they enjoy spending their time doing. Good luck.


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