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The goodness of a change in Scenery

Updated on June 3, 2017

The goodness of a change of Scenery

As I sit outside in my backyard of my new house, I feel a limitless amount of peace. It is such a nice day that I figured, I would take my writing outside. I love my backyard now it is so tranquil and quiet, for the most part anyway. The writing just flows. I love when that happens, I think that the reason why my thoughts are flowing so nicely is because of the change of scenery. I now have my own private oasis which includes a pond a garden and bunch of trees. Although we are getting rid of some of them. It is a feeling of openness, but seclusion all at the same time.

Hearing the birds, chirping and the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, is great. I can even hear the pond water flowing which is a great feature. It is peaceful and what writer doesn’t like something peaceful? When you change your scenery up, your mindset, changes too, which in turn changes what you are writing about and how you write it.

Just looking at the stillness, of everything around me puts a smile on my face. Being outside in my backyard makes me feel as though I am in a completely different place, like a forest with lovely flowers or a beach with the sound of the birds and waves in the background. Somewhere different entirely than where I actually am.

There is so much that I can do with this scenery the possibilities are limitless. Having a change of scenery for a writer is a good thing. Well not just a good thing a great thing, because it sparks new ideas. It can even change your outlook on life. So this is what peace feels like, sitting outside staring at the pond, the garden, and trees around me only hearing the sounds of birds and the water from the pond. You can almost hear your own heart beat with how silent it is out here. The birds are chirping, but there is nothing distracting. Especially when you can fall asleep outside and that is such a wonderful feeling.

When you are outside in the sun what do you feel? If you are in your favorite spot, outside what do you feel? When your scenery changes what feelings do you get? I know that the type of feelings people can get will change with the seasons because the scenery that they use to get inspiration changes, that is how it works for me anyway. But I am talking more about the summer months than anything else. If you go out to a place where you haven’t been or even haven’t been to in a while, what do you feel?

As a writer, depending on where I am, depends on my mood. So if I am in the same place, all the time my writing is kind of all the same, because I am not doing different things with my life in order to change it. Having a change of scenery as a writer lets your mind, go and gives you a new perspective. Which in turn gives you new ideas on what to write about. These new ideas that you get from a change of scenery can liven up your life and what you are writing.

I like having a change of scenery, every once in a while. It livens up your life and helps you to see things in a different light. Do you like having a change of scenery sometimes? The next time you can’t focus on whatever it is you are doing or you don’t know what to do, change your scenery. You will be surprised at how uplifting changing scenery can be for your life and you as a person in the future.

Changing Scenery can bring about Limitless Thoughts

When you need a change of scenery what do you do? Do you think of why you need a change of scenery or do you just do it for something different in your life? Changing scenery can help your thought process if you are having trouble thinking of something why not get up and change your scenery. It might help in limitless ways because you are not always looking at the same four walls or the same cubical wall all the time and that is when ideas strike the most.

Changing the scenery you are looking at can bring about limitless thoughts to what you want to change in your own life, or in your job. The possibilities of what a change of scenery can do to your mind are limitless. It can help your thought process change into something that you weren't even thinking of so now you are thinking outside of the box about the changes you want to make to the thing that you are struggling with at work, or your home life or whatever it is.

Change your scenery and let your mind go, the limitlessness that you feel when you do is amazing because you are free of everything that is bothering you and you get to look at something new. Isn't looking at something new the best thing in the world? When you look at something new, ideas get formed and that is another great thing about a change of scenery don't you think?

I think that having a change of scenery every so often is a great thing for anyone, but especially for bloggers or people who work from home. The reason for this is because, if you work from home and don't get a change of scenery every so often you might not get as much work done as you want because staring at the same four walls can make you go a little bit crazy. Also if you are in need of new ideas for things and you can't figure them out changing your location to get a change of scenery gives your mind something new to focus on and the new ideas will flow a lot easier then if you look at the same thing over and over again, willing ideas to come.

Changing your scenery can give you a breath of something fresh and new. Which is what everyone needs at one point or another in their lives. Looking at the same thing over and over again might make you want to pull your hair out and then you won't get done what you want to get done. Which is why changing your scenery a little bit is a good thing.

The goodness of a change of scenery
The goodness of a change of scenery

Changes Of Scenery Can Be Limitlessly Good

Scenery changes for everything not just working from home can be limitlessly good. This is because you get to clear your head and relax when you have a change of scenery, and everyone needs that. Don't you think?

The goodness of a change of scenery what do you think of a change of scenery let's discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      I agree

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 2 years ago from Alberta

      Beautiful! Changing scenery every once in a while is a wonderful thing.