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The importance of roofing and how to choose the right type of roof for your house

Updated on November 29, 2012

One of the most important parts of every abode is the roof. People many moons ago would then utilized anything at their disposal just to withstand the weather. People sought sanctuary against various elements by virtue of making dwellings that is consists of stones, trees, animal skins and even snow.These homes eventually become the pillar and cornerstone of modern homes nowadays.

The meaning of the term house is, "a structure which serve as a dwelling for people, specifically the families". It also means an "edifice with four corners and roofing that protect its occupants from different heat, rain, snow and strong wind".

Ever since people learned to construct their own home, there appears to be a variety of ways to make a house as comfortable as possible. The truism, “raise a good roof,” is evident in people who have penchant for building houses to seek refuge and protection.

Roofs may differ on weather, culture and the economic status of its dwellers. The roofing choices that we enjoy nowadays are product of many many years of experimentation and invention. Roofing styles such as slate and wood shakes are almost unchanged for few centuries. The technological advances, however, paved the way for roofs that are made up of asphalt, fiberglass composites, and lightweight concrete and coated-metal tiles for sophisticated look and feel. Each of these differs in durability, cost, appearance and ease of function.

In some countries with temperate climate like the Philippines, the roofs used here are made up of banana leaves, grass straw, coconut leaves, “anahaw” leaves and nipa “leaves.”

Modern people learned to adapt their house with the kind of climate or weather of their place, but often, the roofs used in urban areas have been transformed into an ornamental piece or even art work which is indeed appealing into the eyes of the people who will see them. Nowadays, it is customary to see laminated glass, aluminum sheeting, precast concrete and ceramic tiles as forms of roofing.

The roofs people used nowadays, doesn’t only effectively shield dwellers from various elements it also turned into a form of status symbol. But no matter what, when you are trying to build a home for you and/or your family keep into mind that it should have a roof that can provide you protection and will not just serve as an ornament

Here are some essential tips on how to choose the right type of roof for your house:

Know your place well. Make a survey about the place, solicit information about the weather and even consult the nearest weather bureau. You may also extract some information about your area in the internet and get some past news about the place. You may also get the services of the local architect to make the design of your home; he knows the place very well.

Style or convenience. If you will reside in far-flung places, it is wise to shun away from decorative roofing. A well-roofed house might just entice the robbers and other bad elements of the society to enter your house. A convenient roof can give you protection from snow, typhoons or heavy rains compared with a multi-colored roof.

Durability – For those people who desire to construct a home that they would pass on from the present generation to the next, durability must be given priority. The roof seemed to be the least accessible part of the house if ever repairs or renewals come into place. Keep in mind that a damaged roof may breed serious problems. Hence the roof should be sturdy enough to overcome the test of time and the natural elements like rains. The best time to check your roof is during the summer time. If there is even a single leak, this implies that it is the ripe time to check your roof already.

Parting words...

Roofs may decorate posh homes and gives protection to its dwellers, but always keep into mind that is a house is not a home, when love doesn't exist among its dwellers.

Here you have it folks some insights on the value of roofing on your homes... Thanks a lot for dropping by...


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